Summary: This is the 2nd sermon in the series "Wrestling The Champion".

Series: Wrestling With Your Faith (Habakkuk)[#2]


Habakkuk 1:5-11


1. Last week we heard the 3 accusation levied against God by Habakkuk: Indifference, inactivity, and inconsistency.

2. In our text, we will hear God¡¦s reply to these accusations.

What God Does

Habakkuk 1:5-6

1. God¡¦s work is:

„© Amazing.

„© Unbelievable.

„© Deliberate.

2. God works:

„© Carefully (detailed).

„© Completely.

„© Constantly.

„© Coherently.

Who God Uses

Habakkuk 1:7-11

1. God can use anyone- whether lost or saved- to accomplish His plans.

2. God can use any situation- whether good or bad to accomplish His plans.


1. I know many of us are agitated, burdened, concerned, etc¡K about the shape of the world we live in; but watch and see what God does.

2. God is still on the throne!