Summary: This is a study of the book of Revelation Chapter by chapter CHAPTER 5 PART 5

Revelation Chapter 5

There should be no break between chapters four and five.

The same scene of God’s throne is being covered.

God is seen sitting upon His throne and holding a sealed book in His right hand.

The book is sealed. It has never been opened. The importance of the sealed book cannot be over-emphasized.

The book is the key to understanding the rest of Revelation.

The book or scroll is the official document of the last days of human history.

The world’s future is about to be unfolded before one’s very eyes

(5: 1), Book of Destiny:

John sees God holding the book in the palm of His right hand.

The picture is this: God is extending the book outward, poised to hand it to someone if a person can be found worthy enough to open it.

The fact that God Himself is holding the book in His right hand shows us several things:

=> God is the supreme Authority over the end of the world. He governs all the events of history both upon the earth and throughout the universe. God holds the future in His hands, the destiny of the world.

I Tim.1: 17

Rev.19: 6.

Ex.15: 18

ð God is ready to carry out and execute the events.

He is ready for the end time to begin, ready for the end of the world to be launched.

It is simply a matter of finding someone worthy to carry out and oversee the events for God.

2. The book is written on both the front and back of the pages.

The book was actually a roll or a scroll.

Remember there were no printing presses or books, as we know them back then.

They wrote on small sheets of paper (papyrus) about 1 ten inches by eight inches, close to the size of our eleven by eight and one half inch sheets.

If a large amount of writing was to be done, they joined or taped sheets together. When the writing was completed, they rolled the sheets up and tied some thread or ribbon around the roll.

This is what the book being sealed means.

They seldom wrote on the backside, for whatever was written on the backside would be exposed when the last sheet was rolled up and tied.

That the book or scroll held by God was written on both the front and back. This shows us

· That the events of the end time are many and that it will take some time, a great deal of time, for all of them to take place.

· That God is going to reveal a great deal about the end time to man. When? As soon as He can find someone worthy enough to open the book.

The book is sealed with seven seals. This shows us three things.

a. The seven seals show us that the book is the last will and testament of God.

In the Roman world a man’s will have to be witnessed by seven persons, and each attached his own personal seal to one of the threads of the document.

The will could be opened only when the recipient came to claim the will.

This book in God’s right hand may mean that it is His last will for the earth; the book contains what He wills for those who have rejected and cursed Him and what He wills for those who have accepted and worshipped Him.

The book is His last will and testament for the consummation of the world.

b. The seven seals show us that the book is large; it has a great deal of material in it.

It has so much that seven seals are required to bind and hold it together. Again, this means...

· That there are a lot of events that are included in the end time; that many events are to take place.

· That God is going to reveal much to man as soon as someone is found worthy enough to open this book.

b. The seven seals also show us the secrecy of the book.

God has sealed the book with seven seals in order to keep the events of the end time from being known.

They are not to be known by man until God Himself is ready to reveal them. Man can never figure out the events, not by his own intellect.

Romans 11:33

Rev 5:2-4 Book of Destiny - there is the search for one worthy to open the book. Note four significant facts.

John saw a strong angel - an angel so strong that he could shout throughout the universe and be heard by all in both heaven and earth.

He shouted out the most penetrating question of human history: "Who is worthy to open the book, and to loose the seals thereof?"

This shows us how supreme and majestic God really is.

He is so far above all creature seven the creatures in heaven as well as those on earth-that a search has to be conducted to find someone who is worthy to approach Him and carry out His will.

2. The search fails. There just is no being any place that is worthy to approach God and to execute His will through

Out the universe.

No person in heaven was found worthy to open the book.

Imagine! The glorious angels, the seraphim and cherubim, the four living creatures privileged to surround the throne of God, the twenty four elders, all the redeemed-no being in heaven was worthy enough to approach God and open the book.

b. No person on earth was found worthy to open the book: no statesman, no educator, no scientist, no minister, no prophet, and no magician.

c. No person under the earth: no person from among the dead-as great as some have been in past history-no person from the past was found worthy to open the book.

I Cor.2: 7-8

I Cor.2: 14

2 Cor.4: 4

Eph.4: 18

3. The search fails, and John breaks down and cries bitterly.

Why? There were two reasons. Because John saw something that he had never seen before:

ð John saw the greatness of God, the supreme majesty and glory of God, how far superior God is to all living creatures. .

There was not a single person or being any place that could be found worthy to approach God and open the book and carry out the events of human history.

All creatures were too short of God’s glory-all creatures.

ð he was not going to be able to see the future of the world, the events of the end time.

The promise had been made to him that he would see these things, which "must be hereafter," but now he was not going to see them. And why?

Because there was no person worthy to approach God and open the book. He and all the other beings of heaven and earth were too far short of God to understand and execute the will of God for the end time.

4. The reason no person is worthy to open this book is because of its contents. The book is the destiny of the world-what is to happen in the end time at the end of the world. Chapters 6-21 show this clearly.

Note that Ezekiel and Daniel refer to the same book.

Ezk.2: 9-10

Dan.12: 8-9

Revelation 5:5-14

John is heartbroken and is weeping bitterly, for God is ready to reveal the secrets of the end time to man.

But no person can be found to open the book and to oversee the climactic events of the end time.

The situation looks hopeless. But then all of a sudden one of the heavenly elders steps forth and announces that someone has been found to open the book of destiny.

There is one Person who is worthy. This is the great subject of this passage: the book of destiny is opened-the Lamb alone is worthy.

5:5 There is the glorious announcement-God has intervened. He Himself has sent One worthy to open the book of destiny. Who is He?

1. He is the "Lion of Judah."

This is a title of the Messiah. The symbol of the lion shows that He is the strongest and most powerful member of the tribe of Israel.

Judah was the strongest tribe of Israel, the strongest by far.

Therefore way back in history, God had prophesied through Jacob that his own son Judah would be a "lion’s whelp" (young cub)

Who then is worthy to open the book?

Jesus Christ, the lion of Judah, the all powerful Messiah and King. He and He alone are worthy enough to take the book and carry out the events of the end time.

Gen.49: 9-10

2. He is the "Root of David."

The Messiah was to be of the household of David, of the root and seed of Jesse, of his family tree, of his blood, of his stem.

Who then is worthy to open the book?

Is.11: 1

3. He is the One who has prevailed and conquered and won the victory therefore, He is able to open the book of destiny. Over what has He prevailed? What is it that He has conquered? He hath prevailed to open the book"


Jesus Christ

~ He has conquered sin.

(Eph.I: 7).

(Heb.I: 3).

(I Pt.2: 24).

(1 Pt.3: 18).

~ He has conquered death.

I Cor.15: 25-26

2 Tim.1: 10

Heb.2: 14-15

~ He has conquered this evil world.

(In.16: 33).

(Gal.I: 4).

~ He has conquered Satan and all other evil forces.

Mt.12: 29

Lk.10: 18

In.12: 31

In.14: 30

~ He has conquered all rule and authority and power.

1 Cor.15: 24

~ He has conquered hell.

In.5: 24

Ro.8: 34-39

Rev.l: 18

Rev 5:6-7 Jesus Christ -Lamb of God

He was showing why His Son is worthy to rule and reign over the universe.

When John caught his first glimpse of Christ

He immediately noticed five things. .

1. Jesus Christ is the center of the heavenly scene.

ð He was right before the throne of God, joining God at the very throne of God itself.

ð Then the four living beings surround Him.

ð Then come the circle of elders.

2. Jesus Christ is the sacrificial Lamb of God who has been slain. The picture of Jesus Christ as the Lamb of God Seen throughout Scripture.

Scripture declares that Jesus Christ is the Lamb of God who died for our sins.

ð The Lamb of God was symbolized in the Passover. The lamb was sacrificed so that the judgment of God could pass over the people.

Ex.12: 3

ð Isaiah had said that the Messiah was to bear our sins by being brought as a lamb to the slaughter.

Is.53: 6-7

ð John the Baptist declared Jesus to be the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.

In.l: 29

In.l: 36

ð Peter had said that persons are redeemed by the precious blood of Christ, as of a lamb without spot without blemish.

1 Pt.l: 18-19

The point is this: Jesus Christ is the perfect sacrifice for our sins. He lived a sinless life when He was upon earth; He was the Ideal and Perfect Man.

4. Jesus Christ is the omnipotent power of the universe.

Remember that the number seven in the Bible means completeness, and perfection.

Jesus Christ is seen with seven horns which symbolizes complete and perfect strength

and power.

He stands in heaven as the supreme power and force of the universe.

Mt.28: 18

In.l0: 18

In.17: 2

Ro.l: 4

Col.l: 16-17

Heb.l: 1-3

5. Jesus Christ is the supreme intelligence of the Universe.

The seven eyes symbolize complete and perfect knowledge, intelligence, and wisdom. He is omniscient; He knows all and sees all. Absolutely nothing escapes His sight and knowledge.

John.2: 25

Acts 1:24

Col.2: 3

Is.1l: 2

Jer.16: 17

5. Jesus Christ is sovereign. He alone walks over and takes the Book of Destiny out of the hand of God.

He and He alone is worthy to execute and carry out the events of the end time

This is simply a graphic way of saying what is said in the very first verse of Revelation.


(5:8-10) Worship of Christ: there is the majestic worship by the four living creatures and the elders.

As soon Jesus Christ takes the book out of the hand of God, all of heaven and earth break loose in a song of praise. And there are three waves of praise sung to Christ. .

ð There is the praise of the four living creatures and of the elders who surround the throne of God.

ð Then there is the wave of praise from the numberless host of angels, ten thousands times ten thousand thousands of thousands of them. The idea is that the number is so large that man and his COD could not count the number.

ð Then there is the majestic worship’ of all creatures in both heaven and earth, and under the earth graves, and in the seas. All of creation-every being ever created-breaks loose in a chorus of praise

Lord and to the Lamb of God who sits upon the throne (Jesus Christ). 2iJt

3 things about their worship. .

1. They fall down before Christ, the Lamb of God, and play harps. Remember: the harp was the usual tool Used to sing the Psalms of praise to our Lord

2. They offer up golden bowls of incense to the Lord, which is the symbol of the prayers of believers (saints).

3. They sing a new song focused upon the worthiness of Christ. Remember: God had just held out the book, tiny and the shattering call had just pierced the air for someone worthy to step forth and to take the book.

Some needed to open the book and carry out the events upon earth. But no one was found worthy.

Not even those who the very throne of God, the four living creatures and elders, were worthy.

Only one Person could step forward: the" of God Himself, the Lord Jesus Christ. This is the scene here: when the living creatures and elders see the Lamb b’fl step forward and take the book from God, they fall down in worship and adoration and sing a song to Him, a song”.

Never been sung before.

(Rev.5: 9-10).

Note that they praise Christ for three things.

a. They praise Him because He was slain for man and has redeemed man (v.9). The correct Greek translation this verse is man and not "us" as the King James Version has it. It should read that Christ "has redeemed man [or them] to God." They praise Christ because He died for the sins of man and has set man free from. Sin and death and the punishment to come.

Ro.5: 9.

Gal.3: 13

Eph.l: 7

CoI.1: 14.

Tit.2: 14

b. They praise Him because of His universal salvation (v.9).

No person is beyond His reach. He saves from every tribe and language and race and nation.

There is no prejudice or discrimination with Christ, no favorites and no partiality.

He loves every person: male and female, poor and rich, black and white, yellow and red, ignorant and wise.

Christ saves all who surround Christ and the throne of God shout their praises to Christ for His universal salvation

Elk 3: 6

Romans 10:13

I Tim 2:4

c. They praise Christ because He has given believers the great gift of royalty (v.10). He makes them kings and priests and they shall rule on the earth serving the Lord Jesus Christ forever and ever as kings and priests.

(Mt.28: 18).

(Ro.8: 16-17).

" (Rev.20: 4).

Revelation 5:11-12) Worship-Angels: there is the majestic worship by the angels. Note three facts about the angels.

1. They are the center circles of the praise chorus.

2. There number is astounding: an innumerable number is what Scripture is declaring.

3. Their song includes seven points.

a. They praise Christ for His power. He is omnipotent: He possesses all power. He is able to open God’s book of destiny and to carry out and execute God’s will throughout the universe. He is able to carry out the events of history and the events of the end time. He is the sovereign Ruler of the universe.

Mt.28: 18

Ro.l: 4

1 Cor.l: 24

b. They praise Christ for His riches. He possesses the wealth to meet any need throughout the universe, any need that we or any other creature may have.

Ro.2: 4

2 Cor.8: 9

Eph.2: 7

c. They praise Christ for His Wisdom. He is omniscient, seeing and knowing all. He knows all about God & haven, and all about is and our world with all its temptation and trails.

1 Cor. 1: 30

Heb 4: 15-16

Ps 28:7

Is. 41: 10

d. They praise Him for His strength. No one nor any thing can stand against Him, not even for a moment unless He allows it

Mt. 19:26

Lk. 1:37

1 Cor. 10:13

Ps. 115:13

e. They praise Him for His Honor. He is the Son of God possessing the very nature of God.

Rev. 19:7

Ps. 34:3

Ps. 107:32

f. They praise Him for His Glory.

Mat 5: 16

John 15:8

Romans 15:6

g. They praise Him for His Blessing. He deserves al the blessing that heaven and earth can give, for He has blessed all. He has given life and all the good things of life to all creatures. All blessings have come from Him. Therefore, all the blessings that heaven and earth can give are due Him.

Col 1:12

Col 3:15

1 Th 5:18