Summary: Paul instructs the Christian on how to make one’s faith real throughout the book of Colissians. In chapter 2 he tells the reader important information on living out one’s faith.

From Religion to Relationship

Colossians 2:1-10

REASONS to live out your faith (v.1-3)

-to BUILD UP one another

-to BE CLOSER to one another (v.2)

-to BE COMPLETE for one another (v.2,3)

WAYS to live out your faith (v.4-7)

-live out what you have PORTRAYED (v.5)

-live out what you have PROCLAIMED (v.6)

-live out what you have PLANTED (v.7)

WARNINGS to living out your faith (v.4,8)

-we will be challenged by PERSUASIVE ARGUMENTS (v.4)

-we will be challenged by PHILOSOPHY’s APPEAL (v.8)

-we will be challenged by A PERSON’S AGENDA (v.8)

-we will be challenged by PEOPLE’S ACTIONS (v.8)

REWARDS to living by faith (v.9,10)

-we are COMPLETE in Jesus Christ