Summary: This is the third parable Jesus told in response to the Pharisees question about His authority in cleansing the Temple.


This is the third parable that Jesus told in response to the Pharisees’ question about his authority. The first one of the two sons dealt with Israel’s rejection of God the Father. The parable of the vineyard dealt with the rejection of God the Son. This parable deals with the rejection of the Holy Spirit. Jesus warned that the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit could not be forgiven. This is not the same parable found in Luke 14:16-24 of the wedding feast. Remember He is speaking to the religious leaders of that day.

I. The Illustration of the Wedding Banquet (1-3)

A. The Family That Sent the Invitation (2)

1. The Father is a picture of God the Father – It was a royal affair and a privilege to be invited.

2. The son is a picture of Jesus. – The son in the last parable was killed – but now He is alive and is expecting a bride.

3. The servants are a picture of the Holy Spirit.

B. The Festivity That Was Being Given.

1. It was a very important event to all involved.

2. It was by grace that the king invited people to come. (Acts 1-7)

3. The invitation was issued before time and then personal reminders were sent to announce things were ready. (Acts 2:36-38)

II. The Invitations to the Wedding Banquet (3-10)

A. The First Invitation Was Rejected (3)

B. The Second Invitation Was Ridiculed (4-7)

1. The King is very patient and kind. (4)

2. The guest were very selfish and short sighted (5)

(Note how they were more concerned about their “personal” business than the kingdom’s business.)

3. The guests were revolting and rebellious. (6)

4. The King’s judgment was predictable and powerful (7)

C. The Third Invitation Was Received (8-10)

1. The place the servants where sent – highways.

a. They were urgent – bid to the marriage

b. They were to repeat the message of the king.

2. The people that came – good and bad.

3. The provision they were given - wedding garment.

(It was a custom and still is today for a host to send to the guest a costly garment to wear.)

III. The Inspection At The Wedding Banquet (11-14)

A. The Discovery of the King (11)

(Note the other guest did not notice the man, but the king did see it.)

(Kraft of Kraft foods visited a prison and had to go through a metal detector, he said it reminded him of judgment day.)

B. The Dishonor of the Guest (12) {speechless = muzzled}

C. The Damnation that is Just (13-14)

Conclusion: This whole series of parables is about the Pharisees rejecting Jesus because they wanted a Jesus of their own making and not the one that the Father sent. What Jesus do you have? Have you accepted the Jesus of scripture? If you reject Him, then He will reject you!