Summary: Whenever there is a "Mega" storm in your life the Lord will match it with a "Mega" blessing.

TEXT: Mark 4:35-41


Any time you are on the front lines of battle and are doing something for the kingdom of God, the enemy’s attacks against your life will escalate.

Even Jesus came under such an attack when He was preparing to cast a legion of demons out of the demoniac of Gadara.

Violent and destructive winds seemed to come from out of nowhere to capsize Jesus’ boat & drown Him & His disciples in the middle of the lake.

Verse 37 – (KJV) “And there arose a great storm of wind, and the waves beat into the ship, so that it was now full…”

NOTICE the phrase – “And there arose…” This is a phrase from a Greek word which occurs more than 200 times in the N.T. with the meaning that describes something that happens “unexpectedly"”or something that catches one off guard.

The word contains an element of surprise. This tells us that Jesus and His disciples did not expect bad weather that night – these winds took the by surprise.

Many of Jesus’ disciples were fishermen before they were called into the ministry and they knew the weather of the sea. Had a natural storm been brewing that night, these men would never have taken their little boat out into the middle of that sea. You would have to be crazy if you purposely went into a storm that you know is coming and you can avoid it. From that we can be sure that when they began their journey that night it was a perfect night for sailing.

Suddenly and unexpectedly “there arose” a great storm of wind. NOTICE: Mark tells us it was “A GREAT STORM OF WIND” or (NIV) “A FURIOUS SQUAIL.”

The word “Great” is taken from the word Mega, which denotes something of magnificent proportions. It is where we get the idea of “Mega-bills,” “Mega-work,” “Mega-tired,” or the word “Mega-phone.” Mark is telling us that this was a Mega-storm.

Notice also that it was “a great storm of wind…” Mark doesn’t say that it was a thunderstorm, or a rainstorm; he tells us that it was “a great storm of WIND.”

This word “wind” describes a “turbulence” or a terribly “violent wind.”

The storm which came against Jesus and His disciples that night was an unseen storm; you could not see this storm, but you could feel the effects of it.

This was an attempt of the enemy to destroy Jesus and His crew before they reached the other side. On the other side, in the country of the Gadarenes, Satan had a prized possession: the demoniac of Gadara. Satan did not want his prized possession to come in contact with Jesus. The devil knew that if this happened he could loose this prized possession.

In order to stop Jesus from reaching the other side this unexpected attack of “violent and destructive turbulence” came down upon them to kill and destroy.

The disciples were soon to learn that Jesus is Lord of the wind and the waves! After exercising authority over this unseen turbulence & speaking to the waves of the sea, the scripture says that “the wind ceased, and there was a GREAT CALM” (v. 39, KJV).

Just as sure as such attacks came against Jesus we to can be sure the enemy will attempt to do this to us as well. We must deal with these attacks. We, through the name of Jesus must take authority over the wind & the waves that come against our lives, our families, our businesses or our bodies, just like Jesus took authority over the wind & the waves that came against Him.

NOTICE the words “GREAT CALM”. Verse 37 told us that the storm was “A GREAT STORM.” WHEN IT WAS ALL SAID & DONE Jesus matched a “Mega-storm” with a “Mega-calm”!

If the enemy has created a Mega financial problem in your life then Jesus wants to match it with a MEGA financial blessing.

If the adversary has created a MEGA sickness in your body, then Jesus wants to match it with a MEGA healing.

If the devil has created a horrible MEGA marital mess in your life, then the Lord Jesus wants to match it with a MEGA marital blessing.

Whatever the devil does, Jesus wants to at least match it in your life! Really he will not only match it but he will do more that the devil. He will give you blessings greater than the problems the devil gave you.