Summary: My uncle used to say, "You can’t tell how far a frog can jump by his croak!" Just because someone impresses us with words doesn’t guaruntee that they will spiritually benefit us.To have fellowship with some we’d have to backslide. Let’s examine why


I heard a great statement made just the other day from another brother in Christ, he said, "There are some in this life for me to have fellowship with them I’d have to backslide!"

What a powerful statement and true!

Since we’re on the subject. what is a backslider. One 5 year old asked his dad the question and he said, "It’s someone who leave his Church and joins another.." to which the boy asked, "What do we call those who leave their Church and joins ours.." and his dad said, "A convert..."

Hosea likened a backslider to a heifer. Great analogy! You see Israel had become stubborn and resistant. Kicking all the time so God decided to hem them in or tie them up so they couldn’t graze like a little lamb.

How is it that we find ourselves in a backslidden state? Let’s examine the reasons why!

Main Division

I. The Cause Of Backsliding.

a. time with the wrong people (Prv 22:24-25; 13:20)

b. time in the wrong places (Psa 101:3

c. time with the wrong passions (Rev 2:4)

II. The Course Of Backsliding.

a. it begins in the heart (Prv 14:14)

b. it continues in the home (Psa 1:1)

III. The Consequences Of Backsliding.

a. it hurts other Christians (Gal 6:7)

b. it hurts the children ( Prv 22:6)

c. it hurts the Church (Rom 14:13)

Conclusion: Backslidden?