Summary: Never believe anybody who says their horse doesn’t kick and the same goes for those who say "I’m a Christian..." not all are. Let’s examine just what a Christian really is!


Once everything and everyone, especially the guests, were at the table Jacob’s mom asked him to say the blessing and he replied, "I don’t know what to say..."

Mom sweetly replied in front the guests, "Then just say what I always say..." Immediately he prayed, "Oh Lord why did I invite these people over on such a hot day..."

Children can be brutely honest at times.

Then are you saying adults aren’t honest as they should be. Well, you decide. I had someone say, "I don’t go to Church because of all the hypocrites that are in it! If I wanted to hang around a bunch of liers I’d take up playing golf..."

Sounds like he had a problem with Church goers. On occasion we deserve what others say about us but most of the time I truly believe, we are a good, gracious bunch of folk.

Why is it that so many think the Church if filled with Hypocrites? Cause it is. However, if the truth be known every Church is. I think the problem really lies in that so many really don’t understand what a Christian really is. Let’s examine it together!

Main Division

I. First, Real Christians Are Just Forgiven Sinners (I Jn 1:8-9)

II. Secondly, Real Christians Are Not Perfect Saints (I Tim 1:15)

Conclusion: Christian aren’t perfect just perfectly forgiven!

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