Summary: (Devotional Series 3/50) What do you put first in life?


John 6:25-40

(Devotional Series 3)

What do you put first in life?

I. Do you pay more attention to the body than the soul?

That’s what Christ is getting at in verse 26. Do you put more into a career than into serving Christ better? Is love of some "treasure" keeping you from complete commitment to Christ?

FIRST SELF-TEST. Answer this question honestly, in one sentence: What do you hope to achieve in life more than anything else? We’ll evaluate your anwer in a minute.

II. Do you pay more attention to this life than the next?

See verse 27. For example, which concerns you more: to give your children a good start materially, or to help them know Christ?

SECOND SELF-TEST. Be honest, which is more likely to give you a sleepless night--a financial problem or a spiritual problem? Why?

Christ never underestimates man’s need for physical sustenance and some material comfort. But when we put these needs above our need and concern for him he sounds the alarm. Just as we need bread to stay alive, we also need the True Bread, Christ, to be really alive.

Prayer: Lord God, may I laways put Christ first, others next, myself last. Amen.

Keynote: Are first things first?