Summary: Remember, in the eyes of average people, average is always considered outstanding. Jesus however said, Greater things we will do & that’s a vast difference from "average things.." Let’s examine His words together!


"Greater Things." Sound a little suspicious? Just turn on the TV and it gives us enough to be suspicious about. Just today I listened to an Evangelist say, "Just name it and claim it.." I’m leary of that kind of preaching!

However, it can’t be ignored that Jesus Himself said as He prepared the Disciples with His departure, that they would indeed do "GREATER THINGS" than He had done.

Note: Here’s where the problem lies, we assume Jesus said, greater miracles. He did not. He actually said, "Greater Things (works)..." vast difference. Now don’t be confused here, I do believe He is still a God of miracles and the same today , yesterday & forever!

However, the discussion is not one of miracles but one of works and He expects us to do greater things than He ever got to do. i.e. Jesus left us with some unfinished business, i.e. "Greater things" to do!

Will we walk on water as He did? Raise the dead? Feed 5,000? Things greater than this. I beleive in order to accomplish any of these "Greater Things" at any Church not just at DBC, everyone must agree together with the following:

Main Division

I. The Expansion Of Evangelistic Programs (vs 1-4)

II. The Expectation to Pay A Price (vs 5-8)

III. The Enjoying Of God’s Promise (9-12)

Conclusion: Greater Things!