Summary: Today most people are like those on a sinking ship ignoring the obvious all around us, SIN ABOUNDS.

“This Is Not Life As Normal”

#1) When an evil life is normal.


A) In the movie “Titanic” much of the movie was fictional while much of what it portrayed was historically factual…

1) One factual event portrayed is that of the orchestra playing, people eating and dancing all while the ship is sinking.

2) While death and destruction was imminent MANY chose to ignore what was taking place ALL AROUND THEM.

3) Most would assume that they had no clue of the danger yet the whole time others scrambled for lifeboats.


4) Matthew 24:12 Knowing that Gods word is true, knowing that with time SIN WILL ABOUND and people will grow COLD…

5) Today most people are like those on a sinking ship ignoring the obvious all around us, SIN ABOUNDS.

6) Let me just share with you three events that took place in this country in the last two weeks.

7) Dean Arthur Schwartzmiller was named by authorities as one of the most prolific child molesters in history. Police investigators searched his San Jose home and found spiral-bound notebooks with detailed records on more than 36,000 children, in categories such as "Blond Boys," "Cute Boys" and "Boys who say no" - together with codes appearing to indicate how he abused them.

8) Joseph Duncan was arrested with Shasta Groene, 8, who had been missing for 6 weeks. The young girl’s family had been found murdered and Duncan is the prime suspect. His own diary provided an insight to his evil nature, “My intent is to harm society as much as I can, the die.”

9) While being sentenced for 10 murders he committed as the BTK killer ("bind, torture, kill") -- a name he created himself -- Dennis Rader launched into cool dispassionate description of how he murdered each of his victims. The frank manner with which he described the killings shocked the victim’s families.

10) Duncan previously had served prison time for raping a 14-year-old boy at gunpoint and burning him with cigarettes, WHY WAS HE EVER RELEASED?

11) Just last year Duncan had molested two boys at a playground

12) Schwartzmiller had previously been arrested 9 times in the past for molesting boys.

13) Capitol punishment wasn’t a part of Kansas’s law when Dennis Radar’s committed His crimes so He will not face the death penalty.

B) Our justice system today allows for these types of people to be repeat offenders time and time again.

1) Isaiah 59:7-16 V9 This describes perfectly the criminals that our justice system will not take action against.

2) V9 Judgment is far from us and justice is absent.

3) Isaiah 59:15 This is the day we live in, a day when those who depart from evil becomes prey…

4) Ecclesiastes 8:11 The evidence against these men is overwhelmingly clear and these men should speedily BE PUT TO DEATH.

5) But our justice system today is completely contrary to Gods word…

6) Sentence against an evil work IS NOT executed speedily in our justice system, in fact there’s little justice at all.

7) God’s word says our lack of speed and diligence sets it within the hearts of these men to do evil.

8) Because we don’t demand swift and severe judgment and punishment criminals have no fear.

9) Psalms 94:16 Evil flourishes all around us and were like the people on the Titanic.

10) We have become desensitized to the wickedness all around us.


C) We have a responsibility to call sin sin and there’s no reason for us to be quite.

1) The norm among Christians today is to be like Lot and Jonah.

2) 2 Peter 2:6-9 Lot like people today was comfortable living among those ungodly homosexuals.

3) Lot should have stood and shouted with all of his strength that judgment was coming…

4) But Lot didn’t shout, he didn’t oppose, he did nothing until it was too late and those people were destroyed.

5) Lot’s refusal to call sin sin destroyed a great deal of His life…

6) He lost his son in laws who refused to leave and were burned alive in Gods wrath…

7) He lost his wife who loved her present world more than God…

8) And Lot’s actions lead to His fathering children between Him and his own daughters.

9) There are Christians today who are as Lot was then, who will not condemn sin.

D) Then we have Jonah who’s like the Christian who runs from Gods commands and the people who most need preaching.

1) Jonah hated the people of Nineveh because they were Assyrians and idolaters.

2) As we all know Jonah disobeyed Gods direct command to go to Nineveh and ended up in the belly of a fish.

3) Jonah 3:4 All Jonah did was to preach and 8 word to the point sermon, yet look at the fruits of those words…

4) Jonah had become so closed off to His own little personal life that he had no real concern for the lost all around Him.

5) Jonah 3:5-10 All that the people of Nineveh needed was someone to stand and proclaim Gods judgment.

6) All they needed was someone with a backbone to tell them of their ungodly ways…

7) All Jonah did was to tell them very plainly that they had forty days left.

8) Jonah 4:1 Jonah did it out of anger but he did it never the less and Gods word took hold of their hearts…

9) Matthew 12:38-41 The ungodly people of Nineveh made a complete turn around and even Jesus spoke of them.

10) We must not be like Lot in the sense that we become apathetic, complacent and desensitized.

11) We must not be like Jonah when he lacked faith, was pessimistic and who at first remained silent.


#2) Telling the ungodly of Gods judgment.

A) Unfortunately the norm for most Christians is to live like Lot and Jonah…

1) We need to live lives more like those of Enoch and Noah.

2) Jude 14-15 Enoch the seventh from Adam way back then preached of Gods coming with “ten thousands of His saints,”

3) Enoch preached that one day God would come “To execute judgment upon all”

4) Enoch preached against those who lived ungodly lives.

5) In verse 15 the word ungodly is used 4 times, this is a word that is almost never used today.

B) Hebrews 11:7 Noah “moved with fear”…

1) God warned Noah and He has given us the duty of warning people today of His coming judgment.

2) Genesis 6:5-8 V5 “And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth”…

3) Folks our world is almost to this point now, men today are wicked.

4) Just consider again all that’s taken place just in the last two weeks concerning just the 3 men mentioned earlier.

5) But before God executes judgment he always warns the people through His people as we see with Noah.

6) Noah by faith moved with fear concerning things he had never seen.

7) 2 Peter 3:3-4 The ungodly sinners Noah preached to mocked the whole time He built the ark.

8) They mocked up until the rain fell and their destruction was secured.

9) Matthew 24:12 “And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold”

10) Unfortunately even the love of Gods children for a lost and dying world because sin is so accepted.


C) If you’re a child of God we must stand up against evil and warn this world of the judgment to come.

1) Isaiah 59:16 Jesus is mans only way of escaping Gods judgment upon this ungodly world.

2) If your lost you need to be saved more than you know, don’t be like those on a sinking ship acting as if all is well.