Summary: This is the first of a series of Sermons on the miracles Jesus preformed

The Miracles of Jesus


Matthew 4:23-25

Miracles # 01

January 9,2005 A.M.

I. The miracles of Jesus were accompanied by three actions.

A. Jesus taught the people. Matthew 4:23a

B. Jesus preached to the people. Matthew 4:23b

C. Jesus prayed to the Father. Matthew 14:13, 15:29

II. The Miracles of Jesus where done for two reasons.

A. Jesus had compassion on the people. Matthew 14:14

B. Jesus saw the need of the people. Luke 9:11

III. The miracles of Jesus proved His power.

A. Jesus had the power over sickness. Matthew 4:23

NOTE: Jesus healed all manner of sickness.

B. Jesus had the power over demonic activity. Matthew 4:24

C. Jesus had power over death.

1. Jesus raised Jairus’ daughter to life right after she died. Matthew 9:18-29

2. Jesus raised the widow’s son during the funeral. Luke 7:11-17

3. Jesus raised Lazarus from the death after several days. John 11:1-44

D. Jesus had power of nature.

1. Jesus calmed storms. Matthew 8:23-27

2. Jesus called the fish to the net. Luke 5:1-11, John 22:1

3. Jesus walked on the water. John 6:15-21

4. Jesus cursed the fig tree. Mark 11:12-24

E. Jesus had power of the Super-natural

1. He fed thousands with almost nothing. (He created out of nothing)

a. 5,000 Matthew 14:15, Luke 6:35, Mark 9:12 John 6:1

NOTE: This is the only miracle recorded in all four Gospels.

b. 4,000 Matthew 15:32

2. He replaced a cut of ear. Luke 22:50

IV. Who were the recipients of the miracles Jesus preformed?

A. Those that Jesus went to.

B. Those who came to Jesus.

C. Those who reached out when Jesus came by. Mark 6:56

V. The results of the miracles that Jesus preformed.

A. Jesus became known. Matthew 4:24, Mark 6:54

B. Jesus was followed. Matthew 4:25, 14:13, Luke 9:11

C. People were amazed (wondered) Matthew 15:31