Summary: We are approaching one of my favorite times of the year,"Christmas". Have you ever considered the first Christmas service? Let’s look to God’s Word and see what that first Christmas was like.

(A)Where Did The First Christmas Message Come From?

Contrary to the opinion of some people,the First Christmas message was not proclaimed by the pope at the Vatican, nor did it originate in Oklahoma, or Springfield, Mo. Further more it was not produced in Hollywood, No, oddly enough it didn’t even come from TBN.

No! The First Christmas took place not under the lights of television cameras but under the stars of Heaven.

You would not find the First Christmas message proclaimed in a synagouge or cathedral, friends, it was proclaimed on a hillside in the presence of shepherds. The First Christmas Message came from a far country, see Proverbs 25:25.

(A)What Did The First Christmas Message Have To Say?

You Will Not Hear----

(1) The Angels saying, "If you will step out in faith and sow seed of a thousand denera we will tell you where you might find the Christ.

(2) You will not hear the Angels saying, "if you are rich enough, smart enough, republican enough, democrat enough, then we will tell you where HE is."

(B) In The First Christmas Message.

You Will Hear-----

(1) Words of comfort spoken to lowly shepherds tending their sheep on a hillside in Judea.

(2)The message was short and to the point.

(3) The First Words Were To Put Fallen Man At Ease, "Fear Not", "Behold I Bring Good Tidings Of Great Joy", "Which Shall Be To All People".

(C) The Heart Of The First Christmas Message.

(1) "For Unto You Is Born This Day In The City Of David, A Savior, Which Is Christ The Lord."

(2) The First Christmas Message Was Saying To The Assembled Shepherds, "That which you have been looking for has now appeared. Christ is born; God is now manifest in the flesh. Emmanuel is born "this day", not tomorrow or another day, but the good news of great joy is for this day."

Just think! The King of Glory came to Earth. He came to take away our sins, and to provide us with access to the very throne of God. Oh! What a gift. This is a gift that keeps on giving. Let’s remember to keep Christ in our Christmas.