Summary: Worship and giving are kindred spirits that inspire God to move on our behalf. Paul shared this example through the Macedonian believers. Let’s examine it together.

Preached at Dinsmore Baptist Church

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How you think about money reveals how you think about life.

Paul’s intructions to every believer was plain and simple through this faith formula. He says our giving is a reflection of our faith in God.

The Macedonian believers were his best example. Let’s examine his lessons on Godly Giving.

I. Illustrations Of Godly Giving.

A. The Macedonians.

1. they surrendered their will to the Savior (8:5)

2. they sacrifically shared their wealth with the Saints (8:1-4)

B. The Master.

1. what He was-rich (8:9a)

2. what He became-poor (8:9b)

3. whay He did it-so we may become spiritually rich (8:9c)

II. Instructions About Godly Giving.

1. Give knowingly (8:6-8)

2. Give willingly (8:10-11)

3. Give realistically (8:12)

4. Give confidently (8:13-15)

III. Individuals & Their Godly Giving.

1. The names of three men (8:16-19)

2. The need of these three men (8:20-24)

Conclusion: What you do for God’s House He will do for Your House!