Summary: Powerful “fixing-our-eyes-on” - “feasting-our-eyes-on” - expectant kind of faith.


A. Natural Environment Discourages The People

1. Unfriendly surroundings

2. Complain and speak against the Lord

3. Camp infested with red fiery poisonous snakes

a. snakes had been in wilderness all the time

b. now Lord releases his restraint, turns them loose

4. Lesson on God’s protective hand

a. restrains evil

b. Psalm 34:7 - angels protect

c. Malachi 3:11 - will rebuke the devourer

d. globally -restrains from nuclear war

e. complain, stop fearing, speak against the Lord, he can remove his restraining power when we move out from beneath and his protective hand / umbrella.

B. Fashioned Serpent Of Brass

1. Exact likeness of fiery serpents biting people

2. Hung on pole with cross member near top so wouldn’t slide

3. Shinny, highly visible

C. People Healed

1. People strain to see serpent

2. What healed them...

a. not just looking

b. not the serpent itself

c. 2 Kings 18:4 - people worshipped what Moses had made – but it had no power in itself - Hezekiah destroyed it

d. but the Lord’s power activated by their faith

e. daring to believe that the very thing oppressing them was now under heaven judged, defeated, crucified

3. Look “Raw-aw” = root for bird of prey (vulture) - vultures eye prey

a. fix sight on - desire - full attention

b. undistracted commitment

c. feasting your eyes on

d. “look to the standard”


A. Why Must Jesus Be Lifted Up Or Crucified?

1. To save the world

2. Satan symbolized as a snake, his bite - types of venom

a. doubt (about God & life)

b. rebellion

c. immorality & disobedience

d. fear

e. sickness

f. sin

3. People dying

a. everyone bit (Romans 3:23)

b. result = wages = death (spiritually - Romans 6:23)

c. if you die physically in this -- it’s too late

B. As Serpent Lifted Up, So Jesus Lifted Up

1. On cross, for all to see, highly visible

2. Serpent represented God’s judgment on serpents - death

3. Jesus was made sin for us, sin place on him

a. six illegal trials

b. mocked

c. beaten

d. flogging

e. robe

f. dehydrated

g. crucifixion

4. Jesus = mirror image of us spiritually - we should have been there on the cross

a. when Jesus said, “it is finished”

b. tidal waves of saving power, healing power

c. opened graves

d. opened spiritual eyes

C. As Israelites Looked, So Sinners Look Upon Jesus - Saved

1. Not just looking, glancing

2. Looking with your heart, soul & mind

3. Air of hope, faith, expectancy, believing

D. God Provided No Other Way

1. For Israelites not right or left, but the cross

2. For us, not right or left, but the cross

3. Look all directions for...(right & left)

a. strength, comfort, peace, security, fulfillment, etc.

b. but only source is up --- Christ!

E. Result...

1. After looking at Serpent --- Healing & Life

2. After looking at Jesus ------ Healing & Life (Eternal)


A. For Your Salvation

B. For Your Healing

C. For Your Peace - feel unsettled - transgressions & iniquity

D. For Your Deliverance - broke Satan’s power (grip) on cross

E. For Your Fresh Start In Life - Eternal & Abundant Life