Summary: When Jesus asks we must Do what He ask, not just think about it.

When Jesus Asks

John 6:5-12

When Jesus asks we must

1. Count the cost.

What is the cost in time, money ecct..

But do not forget to count on Jesus to do what He is going to do.

2. Do what we can do.

Let Jesus do what He is going to do.

3. Give all we have.

And let Jesus use it as He sees fit.

What do we do when He asks us to GO!!!

Matthew 28:19-20

What do we do? Ask someone else to do it? Leave it for someone else or just leave it undone?

We have to

Count the cost ---Time commitment, End result(one being saved)

Do what we can---- Teach, Baptize, Encourage (make followers)

Give all we have to it----- Time, Money, Relationships (making friends)

What do we do when Jesus asks us to love?

John 13:34&35

John 15:12&13

John 15:17

2nd John 1:5&6 NIV and the Message 1:4-6

What will you do with what Jesus asks of us?

We can do it or not. It is our choice, what do you choose?