Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: How can you build a stronger marriage? What can you do to improve your marriage and make it into what God designed a marriage to be? (based on sermon series by Craig Groeschel, The Vow)

A Solemn Promise Pt 1- Priorities

(based on sermon series by Craig Groeschel, The Vow)

Few weeks-Marriage Seminar-LYWBM-Mark Gungor

A Solemn Promise


How many not married-hope-meet special one?

How many are married? (trade in your spouse?)

Key thought:

To be fulfilled in life, you must find the ONE.

Look at many marriages-might think-found wrong one

Statistics for marriages pretty dismal-

Married men who have affairs- 70%

Married women who have affairs- 60%

US- less than half married couples- last 15 yrs

Something is obviously not working correctly.

What would- look like- apply- stats-other areas of life-

Forecast- tomorrow- bad day for bear attacks. 50% chance of being mauled by a bear if you go out. Will you send your children off to the bus stop as always? Have a great day, run fast!

Forecast- 50% chance- die in a car wreck- you may not get into a car, you certainly will not talk on phone or text- you will pay attention.

With those statistics you are going- make adjustments.

Relational Priorities (ideas from Jimmy Evans, Life on the Rock)

Mat 22:37-39

This makes today’s language sound a little strange-

Guy meets girl- she smells great, what a figure, could she be the ONE? Girl meets guy- sexy buns, looks hot in jeans, not sure he is a Christian, but-real hunk. Could he be the ONE?

You hear people say all- time, could this be the ONE?

You never hear anyone say- could this be the TWO?

Why? Because God is the ONE, spouse is the TWO.

To be fulfilled in life you must find the ONE, and God is that ONE.

Ex 20:3-5

If- not married- but hope to be- and you are pursuing marriage more than God- that is idolatry.

Married couples- can have same problem- allowing the relationship/married life- bump God out of

# ONE.

God wants to be our ONE, married or not married.

To be fulfilled in life/marriage, God must be the ONE.

Gen 2:24 (joined- NIV united)

Before you are married your primary human relationship should be with your parents.

You will always honor mother/father, but even before you are married they are #TWO- God should be #1.

Leave- to loosen, relinquish, let go of what you are holding and commit to something new.

Trapeze example- you swing from one swing to another. You let go of one and take a hold of another. Relinquish one to take another. You let go of mom/dad and cling/cleave to your spouse.

When you get married you relinquish your parents for your spouse, but God remains #ONE.


I promise that God will be my #ONE priority and my spouse will be my #TWO priority.

If not married-

I promise- God will be my #ONE priority and my pursuit of marriage will be- #TWO priority.

If your marriage- not working right- I guarantee you-

One/both of you have your priorities out of line.

This is easy to say, but hard to walk out.

If you are parents- may have your children in #1 slot.

Some parents become child centered parents-

end up with a child centered marriage,

you run here/there- in every sport/activity,

God/marriage falls down in priority.

Does my family schedule communicate to my children that God is # ONE?

Best thing you can do long term for-children/marriage-

keep God in #1 slot and your spouse in #2 slot.

Other things that compete for #1-

career- God/marriage slips down,

home- yard nice- God/marriage slips down,

hobbies- God/marriage slips down,

online social activities- you spend more time w/online friends than you do with God.

Example: easy to put ministry first above family

The Desire to Protect

Men- how many have- natural desire to protect- have weapons- ready for someone to break into- house?

Men have- build in desire to protect- spouse/family.

How many men would die- protect someone you love?

God- NOT asking you to die for someone you love as much as He- asking you- LIVE- someone you love.

In Mat 22:37-39- only two things we are to live for- #1- love God, #2- love your neighbor (spouse).

Eph 5:25

Husbands, I encourage you- protect your #2- how?


spiritually- do what it takes- make/keep God #1

relationally-guard against immoral relationships,

emotionally- telling her she is #2,

financially- do not go the way of the world, buy what do not need, get in debt- put God first-

learn to give generously to God.

Men- protect priorities in your family- be aggressive against Satan’s attack to bring down- top priorities.

To find fulfillment in life you must find your #ONE.

Mat 6:33

Assignment- challenge for the church

I want to ask you to commit to- seven days of prayer-

Married or not- pray God would be your #ONE.

If you are married, ask God to help you keep your marriage #TWO-pray together as a couple.

If- not married- pray for your future #TWO, perhaps pray w/accountability partner.

If you can only pray- 5 min/day- pray, pray together.

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