Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: When you do not partake in the excruciating journey along with Christ then you don’t get to see the glory of God!

May I come in!

Exodus 24:2”Moses alone shall come near to the LORD, but the others shall not come near, and the people shall not come up with him."

Access to His private chamber! Can we sing, ‘Jesus! I want to be where you are!’

I have taught the students of our Abide School, general class manners like: ‘may I go to the wash room, may I come in, please, thank you’ and other greetings as well. One particular boy named Mathew stood in front of my closed room in the school and kept knocking and saying, ‘may I come in Madam.’ I was grinning ear to ear inside my room as I heard him so sweetly say that, actually the very few who study well, who are well disciplined, good and well-behaved are the ones who get an opportunity to come inside my room to help me in my various activities. The exemplars get the opportunity to get into my room unconditionally!

Nevertheless, there is a hitch here, this ‘special category status’ carries with it the responsibility of forfeiting their break time and also stay back after school hours and pitch in to help. Special category always comes with a tag of extra responsibility! Are you listening? God looked at Moses and said, “you alone climb the mountain and come near to me.” The LORD came and stood, calling as at other times, "Samuel! Samuel!" And Samuel said, "Speak, for your servant hears."(1 Samuel 3:10) Special calling demands surrender! Are you listening?

God took Peter, James and John to a high mountain and there something awesome happened before them, which the others missed! When you do not partake in the excruciating journey along with Christ then you don’t get to see the glory of God! The Bible says, ‘Jesus was transfigured before them, and his face shone like the sun, and his clothes became white as light.’ Wow! Lovely! God does not pressurize people who do not want to pay the prize to be with Him! People who are content to live mediocre lives, never ever make an attempt to press forward to know about God or His Word. My passionate desire to be with Him got me hooked on to God ! There has been no turning back after that. I write this piece after spending more than a decade in His private chamber!

We were lampooned for the small, old car that we were using immediately after my resignation from the bank and joining the Lord’s work. There was no way that we could get a decent new car, we started praying, though. An old friend of mine, came to know that we were looking for a car, he called me to say that he was giving his car to me and that I could pay him later whenever and whatever I want. Imagine! That evening I was not ready for what would come, a black Tata Safari Van was brought to our door step!

People are busy: climbing the corporate ladder, preparing for retirement, saving to put children through college, buying that dream home with “all the fixins” — and the list goes on, keeps people away from God. You know what, reverse your priorities, put God FIRST, give HIM your BEST and watch all these things follow you!

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