Summary: 5 Reasons why it’s not a choice, and 7 things Christians can do about it this year. Link included to more sermons, resources, and PowerPoints for Sanctity of Life Sunday.

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Ps. 139

We come together to worship and celebrate…and yet today our hearts should be heavy at the fact:

More babies have been killed since 1973 by abortion than the combined populations of NYC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Chicago, St. Louis, Philadelphia, Detroit, Atlanta, Miami, Houston, KC, and counting at the rate of 2 million a year!

Our hearts should be heavy today because of the deaths occuring every day still in the name of “scientific research.”

In California recently live babies aborted at 6 months were submerged in jars of liquid oxygen to see if they could breathe thru their skin…they couldn’t.

Human embryos and their organs have been encased in plastic and sold as paperweights and novelty items.


Baby’s foot--$70

A $600,000 grant from the National Institute of Health was given to researchers that they might slice open an aborted baby w/out an anisthetic in order to obtain it’s liver. The researcher in charge said that the baby was “complete, alive, and secreting urine.” He said there was no need for anisthetic stating that “the aborted fetus is just garbage tissue w/out feeling.”

Our hearts should be heavy today because even aborted babies’ placentas are being sold to drug companies for purposes ranging from stem cell research to additives for expensive shampoos. (You think stem-cell research was defeated? Not hardly…just government funding of it.)

In England, the fat from aborted babies has become a valuable additive in luxury soaps.

By the time you go to work tomorrow, 4,000 more innocent people will be submitted to capital punishment, although they will have no trial before they are executed. They have no attorney, and will not be granted the basic rights of even a prisoner of war. Not only will they not be treated humanely, not only will they not be afforded the basic anisthetics used by every veterinarian in the world, but they will die a torturous death, ripped apart by forceps and injected with toxins.

Certainly a church like this one will have in it women who had abortions prior to being saved. The purpose of this message is anything but to laden them w/ more guilt. As a matter of fact…they are my strongest supporters. They recognize more than anyone here how needful this message is. Ma’am, you’ve confessed it, forsaken it, and just like my sins, their sins, and your other sins, Jesus’ blood has washed it white as snow.

Perhaps the greatest man in the OT was Moses/NT was Paul…

…what do they have in common? Both committed murder prior to being saved. Thank God today for the powerful blood of Jesus that cleanses us of

ALL sin!

This is not at all a comfortable topic to speak…or to listen to. But we speak today on behalf of the unborn w/ hopes of saving lives.

Several years ago a man walked along a beach at low tide. A great storm had come and had left the beach covered w/ starfish…out of their element. They were dying. And there were hundreds of thousands of them. The man began picking them up one by one, casting them into the ocean that they might live. Another man came along and asked what he was doing. He said I’m trying to save these starfish. The man laughed, “there are too many of them. You couldn’t possibly make a difference.” He looked at the one in his hand and said, “I can make a difference to this one.”

Who are the contributors to this atrocity?

Supreme court justices to voted in favor of Roe vs. Wade.

Social planners like Planned Parenthood who every day advise and encourage young ladies to seek abortions.

Greedy physicians who put the almighty dollar ahead of their “Hippocritic oath” to preserve life at all costs.

Owners of abortion clinics who are getting rich off of their chambers of death. They live in big fancy houses…but their houses have babies’ bones for bricks and blood for mortar.

Willing fathers and mothers who, sometimes ignorantly, some times intentionally, lay conscience aside and approve the procedure.

If these people just mentioned do not confess and repent…I submit to you that Pharoah in the OT and King Herod in the NT will, on judgment day, have to take a back seat to these groups of people just mentioned. Hitler will have to stand in line behind these people before receiving his sentence.

On Jan. 22, 1973, nine men in black robes said there are only 3 requirements in our country in order to have a legal abortion:

The baby must still be inside the mother.

The mother must submit to the procedure.

A licensed doctor must officiate.

For me to get my IL license I have had to write to 3 different gov. agencies just to get the right legal documents.

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