Summary: Clarifying the erroneous beliefs regarding singles in the body of Christ

Problems (Myths) Affecting Singles’ Ministry

Bishop David Ibeleme

1 Cor. 7.

1. The Church has been viewed as a married institution – “The bride of Christ”. Hence single people are “abnormal”.

 The concept of the church as the bride of Christ is not the same as a human wife.

 The bride of Christ is actually the New Jerusalem which is represented by the church.

 The church is really not the bride of Christ – Rev. 22.

2. Marriage is God’s will for everyone.

 How about Jesus and the Apostle Paul?

 It is important to note that everyone is not graced or gifted by God to marry – 1 Cor. 7.

 The Bible actually recommends that people stay single in instances of persecution against the Church – 1 Cor. 7:26ff.

3. Marriage is seen as the ultimate fulfillment in the life.

 It’s like until you are married you’re not yet fulfilled.

 Contentment not marriage is Gods major gift to us as believers – 1Tim. 6:8-10.

 Contentment is a product of knowing the heart of God.

 It also manifests as satisfaction – Phil. 4:11

4. Singles are a threat to the average marriage.

 This is because singles are perceived as always wanting to get married.

 You cannot freely relate to married people or even anyone else without being suspected to have marriage in mind.

5. Church is not well informed about singles’ ministry.

 We don’t fully know How to work with singles – Hos. 4:6.

 Important to view singleness as wholeness.

 Bible teaches that it is a gift, a grace gift – 1Cor.7:7.

 God calls us to be satisfied with singleness when we are single.

6. Many Pastors don’t have the skills or the freedom to work with single people.

 Sometimes not easy to communicate objectively with singles.

 Difficult to dissociate singleness with the idea of marriage.

 Many ministers feel it is simply a time to prepare for marriage.

7. There are different kinds of singles

 Singleness is mis-understood because there are several types.

 All single people are not the same.

 Widow(er), Separated (but married), Divorced, Those who have Never Been Married.

8. Church has put “Theology” before the needs of single people.

 We are seemingly more concerned about arguing about divorce than we are about ministering to divorced people.

 We must never allow our religious views or doctrines to prevent us from ministering to folks who are divorced.

9. Other general misconceptions about singles.

 Church leaders e.g. Bishops and Deacons ought to be married – 1Tim. 3.

 Being a Single-Parent exposes you to moral ridicule.

 Ministry emphasis by the church on Single-Parenting can be viewed as supporting it.

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