Summary: God supplies us with hope despite all the discouraging things that happen to us. A right sense of God’s love to us will make us not ashamed, either of our hope. When we are taunted about why we are waiting on God we can rest confidently in His promises.

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Unit 14 – Patience

Lesson 39 – “I Want Patience – Quickly!” – Rom. 5:1-5; Rom. 12:12; James 1:2-8; Heb. 12:1-15

Preparation for the Teacher

1. Aim: To lead the people to understand God’s processes for helping us develop patience that leads to Christ like maturity.

2. Explanation of the Aim: A good definition of patience is the ability or willingness to go through hard or boring times in order to reach the right goal. Some synonyms for patience include:

forbearance, even tempered, self-controlled, tolerant, pastoral, unflappable, restraint, submissive, serenity, endurance, resolve, fortitude, long-suffering. God gives patience to people who have learned to pass through difficulties knowing that He is developing Christ like character in them.

The Lord is patient as he suffers long with his stubborn people and those are yet to receive Christ as their Savior. (2 Pet. 3:9) God patiently bears up when people disappoint Him because He remains faithful even when we are unfaithful.

The Lord could have destroyed Adam and Eve when they sinned against Him, but he was patient in holding back his anger. He also showed patient while Noah took nearly 100 years to construct an ark for the saving of his family before the great flood cleansed the earth from corruption.

God patiently waits for the gospel to be preached in the whole earth before the return of Christ to the earth. Jesus Christ demonstrated great patience with everyone He met because He loved them regardless of their problems or background. The Lord expects us to be patient as He is patient with us.

Application: Ask the Lord to give you the patient endurance to bear up with long days and months of hardship as He did for us. Demonstrate His love by patiently bearing the sins, shortcoming and criticisms of others.

3. The Bible Story: Patience is a character quality, a fruit of the Spirit and a product of the Spirit transforming us into a Christ like loving individual.

Only when a person experiences the new birth through Jesus Christ are they able to exercise the patience God has worked in their heart. The Holy Spirit gradually changes a Christian’s attitude to become more patient as we yield our mind, will and emotions to His control.

Paul teaches us the six step process of how God develops Christ like patience in our perceptions, attitudes and actions in Romans 5:1-5.

A person cannot be patient until they are at peace with God by finding forgiveness for their sins through faith in Jesus Christ. This new relationship allows a person to be empowered by the Holy Spirit to impart graceful transformation in every aspect of our perspectives.

Christ gives us an example and the power to rejoice in our sufferings. Christians should not be morbid but full of joy in the way the Spirit is transforming them into a Christ like individual. Through the access we have to God’s patience we can demonstrate patience to every person that we meet.

Application: The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ gives us the power, motivation and enabling grace to show patience when it is otherwise humanly impossible.

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