Summary: A message on the promises of God by Gearl Spicer.

2 Peter 1:4

Promise: A written declaration of intent that is guaranteed by God.

Promises are given to:

1. Assure direction

2. Empower faith

3. Confirm hope

4. Expand vision

5. Define expectation

I. Understand the Promises-Josh 1:8

1. Basis (Josh 1:3,5)

2. Challenge (Josh 1:7a)

3. Potential (Josh 1:7d; Prov. 4:26-27)

4. Requirement (Josh 1:9)

5. Assurance (Josh 13)

II. Applying the Promises-Josh 3

1. Spiritual evaluation (Josh 3:5)

2. Anticipate confirmation (Josh 3:6-7, 4:14)

3. Personal attention (Josh 3:9-10)

4. Visual realization (Josh 3:10)

III. Realize the Impact

1. Victory was assured inside the provision of every promise. Josh 24:15

2. Every obstacle was subject to supernatural provision.

3. Inevitable danger occurred whenever the people lived outside the promises.

4. The culmination of a lifelong journey was to "choose" to live the promise.

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