Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: We have proof that God love us. The question become then are we loving God?

1 John 5:1-12

Proofs of Love


1. We live in a show me world

2. I know that Missouri is the show me state, I had a roommate from Missouri and he was a show me person

3. When someone tells us they love us, are initial reaction is show me.

4. You could be telling a fish story and all you would the person would say show me a picture of the fish.

5. Show me show me show me

6. You know what, God did that with his love

7. He gave us proofs of His love

8. Today we are going to talk about three of them

a. Obedience

b. Overcoming

c. Open Hearts

I. Obedience (1-3)

A. Explanation

1. O-b-e-d-I-e-n-c-e Obedience. I know how to spell that word but what exactly are we talking about here

2. Notice the first word in this sentence. “Everyone” WOW, that means this love this salivation, this eternal life, is available to only the rich strong and powerful…NO Everyone. That is a point we should never forget

3. There have been many attempts to break up the trinity. Well the trinity is 3 distinct persons it is still ONE GOD. I admit it is a tricky concept to get straight in your head but that is how it works

a) Any turn from that standard is called sin

4. Vs 2 is were this whole obedience things comes into play

a) Read 2

b) This is done as a result of love

c) Obedience rarely (If ever) comes without love.

d) You cannot be obedient to some one you do not love. Think about it.

5. How do we show God Love?

a) There probably have been 32141234 books written on how to Love God.

b) I like John. I like his way of making things simple. Being simple minded that I am I like simple things

c) John tells us in real simple 4 word phrase how to love God

(1) To Obey His commands

d) This commands are not that difficult

e) These commands are not a never ending list of commands

f) These commands are not some huge manual that you will never understand

g) They are mostly common human decency

h) Because of the Love God showed us we should do that same and show love by obeying His commands

B. Application

1. What does this mean to us 2000 years later?

2. First of all we need to understand that God love us no matter what

a) I have talked to too many people who have no self esteem and will say stuff like God would never love me

b) That is totally wrong

c) Everyone!

3. To love Jesus is to love God to love God is to love Jesus. Those are things that cannot be separated. If you here anyone trying to separate them tell them there wrong

4. We are to show love for God

5. We have just found out how to show love for God, by obeying his commands do it.

C. Illustration

1. A couple I know has been married for about 10 years now. They are having many problems. Just separated this week. You want to know were it all stems from? Neither of them is showing each other love

2. Why would anyone ever want to be separated from the love of God?

3. Do what he commands. Show some Obedience

4. These commands are not that difficult, just do it

II. Overcoming (4-5)

A. Explanation

1. Everyone who is born of God has overcome the world

a) What a great thought

b) That means that no matter what happens

c) Not matter how bad we are beaten

d) No matter how bad things get we still have the victory

e) We still get to go to Glory

2. In the Greek victory and faith are synonymous terms

a) Notice that is does not say victor

b) Rather then faith is the victory

c) Faith has overcome the world

(1) Obviously that is faith is Christ

(2) Our faith is Christ overcomes the world

3. This overcome the world is found in one place

a) Christ

b) Without Christ there is not victory

c) You could all the faith you wanted to in this Church, but without Christ there would be no eternal life

B. Application

1. How do we apply this to our lives today?

2. We have to understand something here

3. We get fired from our job, we still have the victory

4. We get rejected by our date, we still have the victory

5. We get yelled at for no good reason, we still have to victory

6. Our company runs out of money, we still have the victory

7. Our spouse leaves us, we still have the victory

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