Summary: This is taken from the second chapter in "The Five-Fold Ministry" manual. Listen to the sermon "True Prophets" online at from this series.

O.T. prophet used 242 times in 227 verses.

Prophets used 239 times in 227 verses.

Hebrew word = Nabiy or Naw-bee An inspired man = to speak or sing by inspiration (inprediction or simple discourse, normal speaking)

A. Gen. 20:7 - God called Abraham a prophet and told Abimelech to have Abraham pray for him and he would be healed. (Prophets are workers of miracles.)

1. Notice this about Abraham and God’s relationship. God appeared unto Abram or Abraham.

2. God must appear and give vision.

Gen. 12:7 - God appeared - Abraham built - altar = prayer

Gen. 17:1-22 - “God went up from Abraham”

Gen. 18:1,17 compare Amos 3:7 – God uncovers His (secret or intimate) things to the prophet. They must be people of prayer.

See Numbers 12:6 When he does we can build for we have his revealed will and Word. Build naturally or spiritually. Altar - represents

prayer, so we build a prayer life then out of that flows His will and purpose.

B. Elijah - The Old Testament example of a New Testament visitation. Malachi 4:5

1. This prophetic spirit will function in the endtime


a. John the Baptist - the first fruits of this Luke 1:76-80

1.) Matt. 3:1-12 & Matt. 3:7-10 refer to Malachi 3:1-3 & Is. 40:1-5

2.) Luke 1:76- vs. 76 - A prophet of the Highest goes before the face of the Lord.

Refer to 1 Kings 17:1 - The Lord God before whom I stand.

Luke 1:76 - you shall prepare His ways

vs. 77 - Give knowledge of salvation

vs. 79 - Give light (or) bring revelation, clarification, and understanding

vs. 80 - Tells us a prophet will be strong in spirit. They are tough characters and tough in their delivery of the Word.

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