Summary: It’s time for women of God to arise & embrace their prophetic destiny! We are in the finest hour of the church & women are part of this great move of God.

Prophetic Women ARISE! - Joel 2:28

Intro.: It’s time for women of God to arise & embrace their prophetic destiny! We are in the finest hour of the church & women are part of this great move of God. Many have answered the call & embraced their God ordained destiny. Joel 2:28 says, “…in the last days I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh & my sons & daughters shall prophesy.” There are still male leaders who have not released God’s daughters into their giftings, callings & destiny. It’s time for women to come forth & say, “It’s My Time Now”.

Prophesy - (prophetic - characteristic of prophesy); to utter forth, to declare a thing

In Rocinda Barnor’s book, Scepter of Authority, she defines declare (decree) as to

announce and speak forth to the heavens that Jesus rules in the land, other lands, or

in circumstances and situations that we face. We declare and decree that He is the

Kings of Kings and the Lord of Lords, and His righteousness will reign forever.

Destiny –. To decree/determine beforehand; to designate, assign, or dedicate in advance

Prophetic Destiny – That which has been declared over your life before hand by God

for His purposes which defies geographical location, race, creed, national origin,

ethnicity, territory, or any obstacles.

READ: Ephesians 1:4-5 and Jeremiah 1:5

How many of you are frustrated because you don’t know how to pull your prophetic destiny out? What about prophetic words spoken over you, confirming your prophetic destiny but which have not come to pass? What is it that hinders many women today?

I. Hindrances to Women of Prophetic Destiny

A. There is a “Christian Drama Queen” mentality

1. Are you, or do you know a Christian drama queen?

2. If you’re not sure, here are the clues:

a. A woman that needs the prep and pump to keep on going

b. Everything revolves around her and for her - even her prayer life.

3. Even though she is a Christian, she has learned to put on a good Church face

4. If there was an academy award for churches, this person would get an Oscar

B. In the Word of God there were also Drama Queens:

1. Vashti - thought more highly of herself than she ought

2. Jezebel - wanted control; to run things without God, it’s all about her

3. Delilah - girlfriend; brought great man down because she knew his secret

C. But there is hope! We found that Esther was a woman of prophetic destiny

1. However, Esther had a “drama queen” moment

2. When it was time for her to embrace her prophetic destiny, she told Mordecai

that she couldn’t go to the King on the Jews behalf.

3. Then Mordecai reminded her that she was also a Jew and would perish!

4. Then Esther said, “...and if I perish, I perish“. (Esther 4:16) She didn’t stop at

being Queen, she embraced her prophetic destiny & saved the Jews

D. There were other women who embraced their prophetic destiny

1. Deborah, Mary, Hannah, and even the Woman at the Well

a. Jesus read her mail - she was a “Drama Queen”, she loved the brethren

b. But, she became the first female evangelist – READ: John 4:28-30

II. Misunderstanding of M/F Relationships and Roles

NOTE: The word “relate” means the position one holds to another

A. Men: The self image of many men is based on insecurity (resulting in control)

B. Women: Most women have low self esteem. They don’t know their value/worth

NOTE: Until we abandon these self-images, we’ll continue to have misunderstanding of M/F relationships & roles. The correct M/F relationship is found in READ: Gen 1:28

God is looking for women who will rise up and co-labor w/men & God for God’s original purpose of redeeming & restoring humanity & the earth. It’s time to abandon non-biblical thinking about the role of women & become a woman of prophetic destiny!

II. Principles to Embrace Your Prophetic Destiny

A. First, you must ARISE to your Authority as a Believer – READ: Eph 1:18-21

1. As a redeemed person, you received a mantle of authority

2. Your ability to overcome the enemy & his tactics is already in you

3. One problem is that we want the Holy Ghost to do the work for us, or worse yet

4. We want to do the work and relegate the H.S. to the place of a Helper

B. You must AWAKEN to who God has called you to be – READ: Judges 5:12

1. A woman of virtue

2. A woman that participates in Kingdom authority, not just a spectator

3. A woman who gazes on the stunning God – (Mary)

C. You must believe that you have a prophetic destiny

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