Summary: Threshingfloor is a place of hope, work seperatino.

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1Sa 23:1 Then they told David, saying, Behold, the Philistines fight against Keilah, and they rob the threshingfloors.

1Sa 23:2 Therefore David enquired of the LORD, saying, Shall I go and smite these Philistines? And the LORD said unto David, Go, and smite the Philistines, and save Keilah.

Kaheelah was a city in Judah [praise] it was strong fortress.[ Psa 61:3 For thou hast been a shelter for me, and a strong tower from the enemy.

Psa 61:4 I will abide in thy tabernacle for ever: I will trust in the covert of thy wings. Selah. ]

The philistines kept attacking and stealing from the threshingfloors.

The threshingfloor was where the grain was trampled under foot by oxen.

It was finely ground down

Then the process of winnowing happened but there must be some strong wind

And then handfuls of grain were just thrown into the air and the wind would blow away the light and insignificant and separate from the good.

1. The threshingfloor is a place of separation unti God.

2. It is a place of work

1Co 9:9 For it is written in the law of Moses, Thou shalt not muzzle the mouth of the ox that treadeth out the corn. Doth God take care for oxen?

1Co 9:10 Or saith he it altogether for our sakes? For our sakes, no doubt, this is written: that he that ploweth should plow in hope; and that he that thresheth in hope should be partaker of his hope.

3. It is a place of strength and hope

Must guard Rth 3:7 And when Boaz had eaten and drunk, and his heart was merry, he went to lie down at the end of the heap of corn: and she came softly, and uncovered his feet, and laid her down.

There is a sneaky old enemy that wants to come in right when we are on the verge of victory and blessing and steal that which we have worked so hard for.

Part of churches conquest

Isa 41:15 Behold, I will make thee a new sharp threshing instrument having teeth: thou shalt thresh the mountains, and beat them small, and shalt make the hills as chaff.

Isa 41:16 Thou shalt fan them, and the wind shall carry them away, and the whirlwind shall scatter them: and thou shalt rejoice in the LORD, and shalt glory in the Holy One of Israel.

Mic 4:13 Arise and thresh, O daughter of Zion: for I will make thine horn iron, and I will make thy hoofs brass: and thou shalt beat in pieces many people: and I will consecrate their gain unto the LORD, and their substance unto the Lord of the whole earth.

arise, and kill, O congregation of Zion;’’

for I will make thine horn iron, and I will make thy hoofs brass; signifying that the Lord would give them strength sufficient to such work, and such power their enemies should not be able to resist and overcome; and that they should into their hands, and be crushed, trod, and trampled on by them, and utterly subdued. The allusion is to oxen that have horns and hoofs; and it suggests that they should be as strong as they; have horns like them, that is, power to push down their enemies and hoofs to trample upon them:

2Sa 24:18 And Gad came that day to David, and said unto him, Go up, rear an altar unto the LORD in the threshingfloor of Araunah the Jebusite.

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