Summary: Proverbial wisdom. 1- The eyes of the Lord 2- The happiness of the heart 3- The meal of vegetables

INTRO.- Quips and quotes.

- Sign in the window of a flower shop: We don’t mind if you stick your nose in our business.

- Most of us are like we were thirty years ago – only in slow motion.

- Where Eskimos rub noses, Americans rub fenders.

- Some people who try to look casual end up looking accidental.

- Some folks look ahead, some look back, but most look worried.

- It would be extremely nice if there were as many new ways of making money as there are of spending it.

- If you want to know what’s wrong with a candidate – elect him!

- Keep your chin up, but not to the point where your nose is in the air.

- Among the most popular remedies that won’t cure a cold is advice.

- A dentist in Little Rock claims the best collector of old bills is a new toothache.

- You’re not really successful until someone brags they sat beside you in grade school.

- Seat belts in automobiles are not as confining as wheel chairs.

- There are several things that money can’t buy – among them is the same stuff it bought last week.

- Many young men would like to become dentists, but they don’t seem to have enough pull.

- It’s easy to milk a cow. Any jerk can do it.

- A friend is one who joyfully sings with you when you are on the mountaintop and silently walks beside you through the valley.

- You never have to take a dose of your own medicine if you know how to keep your mouth shut.

- About the only thing you can get for a nickel nowadays is heads or tails.

- Too many folks want to build a better world while acting in a foreman’s capacity.

- No man becomes either very good or very bad suddenly.

- Some kids are like ketchup bottles – you have to slap their bottom a few times to keep them moving.

- If the knocking on the door is loud and long, it isn’t opportunity, it’s relatives.

- In June, road maps replace the May catalogues.

- The odds on a diet succeeding are three to one against you – knife, fork and spoon.

- Politicians are poor tippers. They’re not as careless with their money as they are with ours.

- You can’t expect a person to see eye-to-eye with you when you’re looking down on him.

- A fifth grade boy reported to his father that he was almost at the top of the list of those that flunked.

- The happiest people are those who are too busy to notice whether they are or not.

- The height of politeness is to listen with interest to things you know nothing about, from someone who doesn’t.

- A bore is one who keeps you from being lonely, but makes you wish you were.

- Members of congress meet more often than they get together.

- If you look back too much, you will soon be headed that way.

- A beautiful heart seems to transform a homely face.

- If you did today all that you had planned, maybe you didn’t plan enough.

- A gossip is one who puts two and two together and gets four more than anybody else.

- Fast transportation has made us all neighbors, but unfortunately, not brothers.

- If we could see ourselves as others do, we’d simply think there was something wrong with our eyes.

- The best time to put kids to bed is very late – when they’re too tired to fight back.

Now to the book of Proverbs.


15:3 “The eyes of the Lord are everywhere, keeping watch on the wicked and the good.”

ILL.- One Sunday morning, an instructor in a theological school was sharing a seat with a small boy on a shuttle train, says the Philadelphia Bulletin. The boy was holding a Sunday School lesson leaflet.

“Do you go to Sunday school, my boy?” asked the man in a friendly way. “Yes, sir.” “Tell me, my boy,” continued the man, thinking to have some fun with the lad, “tell me where God is, and I’ll give you an apple.” The boy looked up sharply at the man, and promptly replied, “I will give you a whole barrel of apples if you will tell me where He is not.”

Smart boy, wouldn’t you say? How is it that God could be everywhere at the same time? Have you figured it out yet? I think the answer is fairly simple. God is beyond our human imagination. There is no way we can imagine anyone being able to see everything on planet earth at one time!

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