Summary: Understanding the concept of first-fruits and how to apply it

Proving God With The First-fruits

Bishop David Ibeleme

God wants to show Himself strong on your behalf – Zeph. 3:15ff.

He wants to show Himself as El-Shaddai – The All Sufficient God.

That’s why He said “Prove me with the tithes and offerings” – Mal. 3:7ff.

He guaranteed certain things if we would simply bring the tithes to Him –

Mal. 3:10ff; Prov. 3:9ff.

There are various terminologies used to describe it in the bible;

 First fruits – This deals with plant produce – Lev. 27:30.

 Firstlings – This deals with animal produce – Num. 18:13ff.

 Devoted thing – something set apart for God – Lev. 27.

 Accursed thing - something that brings a curse upon people when they take it to themselves – Lev. 27:28ff; Mal. 3:9; Jos. 7; Hag. 1:2-11.

They are all generally under the principle of tithing – Deut. 12:17; 14:23, 28; & 26:2ff, 10, & 12.

 The word tithe is sometimes used to substitute for first fruits – Deut. 12.

 First fruit and firstlings can be described as the foundational or the first tithe.

 You cannot practice the tithe as one-tenth without first doing this.

 Look at Lev. 27:32 – The tithe as one-tenth is only after the firstling has been offered – Lev. 27:26.

 It covers the first of All our Increase (covering both animal and plant produce even human increase) – Prov. 3:9; Num. 18.

 It is the First Salary for the year (25-100% because we’re paid weekly; fortnightly or monthly).

 It is also the First raise or increase in your salary (the 1st tithe).

The Importance of First fruits

The First connects us to God’s covenant or blessing of prosperity – Deut. 26; Lev. 27.

 Hence guarantees an open heaven – Mal. 3:8-10.

 The firstling was offered to God on the 8th day, same as the day of circumcision which connected the Jews to God’s covenant of blessing – Gen. 17:7-12; Lev. 12:3; Ex. 22:30.

 It helps us to release our Faith in God’s financial system – Mal. 3:10.

God lays claim to everything the Bible describes as first – Lev. 27:26ff; Num. 18; Neh. 10:35.

 It is the Key to putting God first in your life – Pr. 3:9; Mal. 1 & 3.

 The First fruits like sowing and reaping is one of God’s principles for all ages – Gen. 8:22.

The Root (first) establishes the rest – Rom. 11:16.

 No plant can survive without the root.

 Whatever life is in the root covers the rest of the plant – Jn. 15:1ff

 Once the root dies the plant dies – Mk. 11:20ff.

 The root or firstfruit is sanctified at the altar of God and it sanctifies the rest of your finances or increase – Matt 23:17

The First is the prototype of the rest – Col. 2:15; 1 Jn. 4:17; 3:1-3.

 This means that the first determines how the rest would be; it is the mold or the cast for the rest.

 As Jesus is a type of the first fruit, the church is designed to be just like Him – Rom. 8:29ff.

 By committing your first fruit to God you technically commit the rest of your finances to Him.

 He can then rebuke the devourer on your behalf – Mal. 3:10ff.

It is the way you attend to God’s house – Hag. 1 & 2

 We are commanded not to forsake the house of the Lord – Neh. 13:10ff.

 Making sure God’s house never sees corruption or embarrassment – Ps. 16:10.

 There may be meat in my house – Mal. 3:10.

 Taking care of those who serve in the house (ministry staff) – Num. 18; Eze. 44:27ff.

It is the way you show that you fear God – Deut. 14:22.

 Respecting God and honouring Him – Mal. 1:6; Prov. 3:9.

 This will produce wisdom for living in your life – Prov. 9:10.

 Remember that wisdom is better than money – Prov. 16:16.

 Wisdom produces money – Prov. 8:18-21.

God’s Word Vs My Word

 The favourable results God guarantees us are based on the INTEGRITY of His Word – Heb. 6:12ff.

 God cannot lie – Num. 23:19.

 He ALWAYS keeps the Word of His Covenant – Ps. 39:34.

 His Word always comes to pass – Matt. 24:35; Is. 55:11;

Jer. 1:12; Eze. 12:25.

 God’s Word is already settled in Heaven – Ps. 119:89.

 It is MY WORD that settles it, here on Earth – Matt. 12:34ff; Prov. 18:20ff.

 Don’t hinder God with your words – Mal. 3:13ff.

 What you say will determine what God can do for you – Mk. 11:23;

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