Summary: Expect great things to happen and have no fear in sudden disaster that you fear may overtake you.

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Psalm 23:6a “Surely goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life,”

Many of us have had a hard time lately. Sometimes a prolonged trial can not only sap the energy from you but it can also make you doubt God’s love for you. The Psalms are all about the proclamation of God’s goodness, favor, then questions, and then back to God’s favor. Many of us are in the questions part of life.

1. Why so long God

2. God don’t you see this?

3. Why are you silent?

4. Did I do something wrong?

5. Why???

Now God answers every prayer immediately. The answer may be, yes, no or wait. But it is all answered for our good in God’s perfect plan. I am finishing up my latest book so please pray for wisdom on going through the book once more. I have changed the title from “Heavens Destiny” to “Failing Doesn’t Mean You Are A Failure”. You may be in a period of your life where everything you touch turns to dust instead of gold. You can start to doubt your abilities and then you wonder if you should even keep trying. But it is these times that the Lord does His greatest work in you. These times of droughts stop the flow of arrogance into and out of our body. We start to realize that we are not the ones who get it done. We are only the vessel God uses to complete His work, not ours.

Proverbs 3:25 “Have no fear of sudden disaster or of the ruin that overtakes the wicked.”

When something bad happens stop the madness of thinking YOU have done something wrong. We live in a fallen world and Satan will try to destroy the tent of the body we are in. Satan is called the prince of this present world. So when bad things happen do not blame them on God. But God in his infinite wisdom can use all the bad things that Satan tries to do for His glory through your life. You may be in the hospital right now wondering “Why” and “How Long”. Have you ever considered that Satan wanted you there but God has an even greater purpose? There are doctors, nurses and staff of all types of jobs that need to hear the gospel. They need to see that even though you are sick that you serve one who can heal any disease. They need to have hope beyond what we see and have hope on how to have eternal life. Remember it is not God who tells the story of how to be saved. God uses you and I as a mouthpiece to tell of His glorious riches that await those who have put their faith and trust in Him. If you have a hard time explaining the gospel please print out this link on our website and give them a copy.

Even if we are saved by the grace of God we are still sinners as Romans 3:23 says. But the Spirit of God living in us will change our hearts and our desire to sin will be less. Our desire for heaven will be real and our hope will be in the things to come not in what tragedy that we think may await us. We need to live as though “Goodness and love will follow us all the days of our lives’. The question today is “Do you believe that and if not why?”

Today you have a choice. You can let the devil get you down. Just because yesterday may have felt like a disaster doesn’t mean today will. Have hope, have joy and expect the God of the universe who saved you and set you apart to do a great work in and through you. When you expect this to happen joy will start to flood your soul. You will not be worried about things as you know in your heart that God controls all things. Why on earth would God hurt His children? So today, pray and then go out in the Lord’s power and rejoice that we belong to a risen savior. Jesus conquered death so that we could have abundant life here on earth and a future glorious home in heaven. That is worth having joy over. Don’t despair, God knows everything in your life and He loves YOU, never doubt that.

Have a great day and try to encourage someone.


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