Summary: A mother’s day sermon based on 1 Timothy 3:11

Sermon for 5/13/2001

Mother’s Day

1 Timothy 3:11


There is a story about 4 preachers discussing the merits of the various translations of the Bible. One liked the KJV best because of its simple, beautiful English. Another liked the American Revised Version best because it was closer to the original Hebrew and Greek. Still another like the NIV because of its up-to-date vocabulary. The fourth minister was silent for a moment, then said, “I like my mother’s translation best.” Surprised, the other three men said they didn’t know his mother had translated the Bible. “Yes,” he replied, “She translated it into life, and it was the most convincing translation I ever saw.”


A. Today is mother’s day. We celebrate our mother’s contribution to the family, to the church and to the world.

B. We also celebrate women’s contributions to the family, to the church and to the world. For those without children, they are mothers/mentors to someone.

C. There is a big debate in the Christian world today on the role of women in the church.

D. Extremes:

1. Women can do anything. They can be elders, deacons, preachers, anything that a man can do. They do not have to be submissive in the home. “Anything you can do, I can do better.” Quote passages like (Gal 3:28 NIV) There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

2. Women can do nothing. They are to be silent at all times in the family, in the church and in the world. They are to be slaves to the man of the house. In the church they are to be silent at all times whether in a worship service or in a small intimate home Bible study. All the work in the church is to be done by the men. The women’s place is in the home, barefoot and pregnant. The women, “We are not worthy. You are our master.” Quote passages like 1 Timothy 2:11-15 to back up their points.

D. We are not going to get into deep discussion of these issues this morning. The details. Neither one of these views are correct or Biblical. The whole of Scripture, taking verses out of context. These are extremes and if we buy into these ideas we are not being temperate. Need a balance.

E. At the beginning of this year, we began to discuss the characteristics of a mature Christian. We looked at 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1 and saw several characteristics of mature Christians.

F. Another characteristic of a mature Christian is that they will help their spouse to be all that they can be for Jesus Christ. Supportive.

G. 1 Timothy 3:11. # 213 in pew Bibles.

H. In this passage it is giving characteristics of mature Christians to determine if these people are fit for recognized service in the church. Called elders or deacons.

I. A woman can make or break a man. The reverse is also true. But more so the first.

J. Nan Harris, a wise and elderly woman, was shut in because of severe arthritis. I would go to visit her from time to time. I cherished the times of conversation that we had. She was over 90 years old and had been a pillar in the church, but she was now unable to attend. A few months before my wedding, I went to visit her as usual. Mrs. Harris’ husband had died several years before and her children were all raised. I knew that she could give me some helpful advise. I asked her, "In a few months, I am getting married. Do you have any good advice for me?" She thought for a few moments and said something so simple but yet so profound. "Make sure that both of you pull on the same end of the rope." I have often remembered that in my marriage. If we cannot pull on the same end of the rope, we will end up pulling against each other.

K. How can a woman help a man grow in the Lord? How can a woman be supportive of a man?

1. Reverent, grave and dignified, worthy of respect (NIV)

a. Be a person of integrity.

b. I may not agree with them all the time, but I respect them.

c. Blameless.

d. There goes a joke. No!

2. Not slanderers, malicious talkers.

a. Women fight with their words.

b. My two sisters.

c. Women can hold a grudge a lot longer than a man can.

d. Hen talks.

e. “Well, he has nice teeth.”

3. Temperate,

a. Not given to extremes.

b. Calm, peaceful.

c. When come into their presence, we feel at ease.

4. Faithful, trustworthy in all things.

a. When given a responsibility, they prove to be faithful.

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