Summary: Weeds...They don't really care if they get refreshed. Weeds aren't concerned about their future, they just go crazy in every, cool, wet, dry. Especially, dry!

Happy Happy "Pull the Weeds" Saturday, Everyone!

I think everyone can relate to todays opening...pull the weeds.

After a long dry spell have you ever noticed that nothing grows but the weeds?

Unlike our manicured lawns and our petite petunias, weeds are tolerant. They don't really care if they get refreshed. Weeds aren't concerned about their future, they just go crazy in every, cool, wet, dry. Especially, dry! And so during this dry spell the weeds overtake everything else, making it difficult for anything to flourish, except the weeds.

Yards and gardens lack in luster and start losing their potential to be beautiful or productive. The same is true with us. When we are not getting the correct nourishment or the right amount of water, we become unhealthy. We begin to wilt, if you will, and soon the "weeds" start taking over in our bodies and in our lives.

The worst type of weeds are the spiritual weeds. These weeds can not only damage our spirits but they can also end up chocking out our faith our motivation and our focus on the spiritual things of God.

This week's Sunday School lesson is titled "Corporate Confession of Sin" taken from Nehemiah chapter 9. Friends, we live in a day when self-esteem is highly valued. We are urged to think the best of ourselves in order to achieve our full potential. Counselors are busy helping clients to overcome a poor self-image and to believe in themselves and their worth. The Christian faith is often criticized for teaching that all are sinners; that all have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God. Believe it or not, this alone is enough to keep many Christians, especially immature ones, from realizing their full potential.

I have news for you this morning. Jesus Christ died for YOUR sin! All you need to do is acknowledge that Christ's death on the cross is enough to pay the debt that you owe and could never pay yourself. Confession of our sins is essential to enjoy God's favor and spiritual blessings. Please, remember this, if you don't remember anything else here.

When the dry spell hits you and the weeds start to chock you out, there is only One Way to regain the luster, the life, the power, the control in your life. It comes from the Water that never dries up. It comes from the never ending source. It comes from the Well that never fails. Jesus Christ and Him crucified, resurrected and ascended to the Right Hand of the Father.

Soooooooooooooo, get out their, pull those weeds that have popped up in your life and start again with the refreshing water of life. Jesus, the thirst quencher! Have a great weekend and a great week.

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