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Summary: So many satanic altars are raised against a child of God to prevent the fulfiment of the purpose of God in his life, but this altars could be pull down by the power of the Holy Spirit.

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5. It is a place of spiritual fellowship for demonic spirits and their agents. At satanic altars, people who consult evil priests and demonic people are in fellowship with demons whether they are aware of it or not. This is the same way the people of God at the altar of God are having the spiritual fellowship with the Spirit of God and the angels.

6. It is a place of making satanic covenants, or sealing a spiritual contract, either the people concerned are conscious of it or not. The only covenant we are allowed to enter into as children of God apart from the covenant with the blood of Jesus is the covenant of marriage that is done in God’s way and according to His principles. Any other covenant is at the satanic altars and will have evil consequences. A young lady entered into a blood covenant with a young man by taking each other’s blood as a means of assuring their loyalty to each other in marriage. The lady later met with Christ, and renounced this covenant. As soon as she did that, she fell down and died, but was raised back to life by the power oh the Holy Ghost.

7. It is a seat of power, a place of making decisions and taking deliberations by satanic spirits and demons. At satanic altars, demons and their agents take decisions over the lives of people and deliberate on what to do against or in support of their subjects. They also have their power demonstrated from the altar.

8. It is a place of evil spiritual transactions. Many lives and destinies are traded and bought at satanic altars. Joseph was sold to Egypt so that the purpose of God for him will not come to pass, in a similar way many have been sold or being sold at satanic altars, and their God-given visions and dreams could no longer be realized.

9. It is a place of spiritual monitoring and control of people and events in the spirit realm. There are people who are being monitored and their lives are being teleguided by satanic agents, such people can never be successful in life unless by the intervention of the almighty God. Such monitoring took place at satanic altars.

10. It is a place of spiritual communication, reinforcements and evaluation of satanic activities. At satanic altars communication goes on among the spirits and forces of darkness, they can also reinforce themselves in attacking their subjects, and carry out an evaluation of their activities all at satanic altars.

2. The Processes at Satanic Altars:

- Apart from altars of idols, shrines and family occults that are seen physically, other satanic altars exist spiritually. The following are the processes that take place at satanic altars.

1. Placing sacrifices at T-junction: Sacrifices are placed at T-junction in the mid-night with the intention of transferring evil thing to the first person that will see the sacrifice after it has been placed. I pray that the power of the Holy Spirit will liberate you from any satanic bondage in your life due to satanic sacrifices in Jesus name.

2. Praying with Candles, Incense and Perfumes: People that pray or carry out any religious activities with such materials are operating at satanic altars, and they can only attract the presence of demons and evil spirits rather that the presence of the Holy Spirit. If you still have any of such materials in your house, you have to destroy them without delay and plead the blood of Jesus upon your self for deliverance and cleansing.

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