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Summary: So many satanic altars are raised against a child of God to prevent the fulfiment of the purpose of God in his life, but this altars could be pull down by the power of the Holy Spirit.

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3. Reading of satanic books or using the Bible in a wrong way: Any form of books that is occultic or demonic in nature and content should not be read or handled by children of God, because they constitute activities on satanic altars. Similarly, the Bible which is the word of God should only be read, meditated upon and put into practice. Any other use may raise a satanic altar. For instance, reading psalms into water to drink or bath, putting the Bible under the pillow with the mind of chasing away demons, using the Bible to swear or curse, or using it as a magical book to reveal secrete, and so on.

4. Having a special bath at the river or using special prayer water in bathing: In the new covenant, the river is only meant to conduct water baptism and not for any other spiritual activities. False prophet prescribe stream bath to give people out in covenant with water spirits. Sometimes they ask you to rub your body with a candle and throw the candle and the sponge into the river backward without looking back. Only demons can attend to you in such practices. If you have been entangled and you desired to be free, I pray that the power in the blood of Jesus will set you free in Jesus name.

5. Consulting trees, or hanging something on trees or keeping something by the trees. People go into the bush and consult trees in the name of special prayers. God is not found in the bush nor in the tree, any where you are, if you can call on the name of God out of a pure heart, He will answer you and deliver you out of your troubles. By consulting trees you are operating on a satanic altar, which will make heaven to be locked up against you.

6. Making images with wood or mud to represent people and influencing them spiritually: These activities are common at satanic altars. They make images to represent someone or make use of the person’s photograph, and they control their lives from the satanic altars. Pray violently that any image the devil is using to represent you to be set ablaze under the fire of the Holy Ghost in Jesus name.

7. Sharing food, money or gifts after making some satanic utterances: A lot of people have been initiated into the spirit world because of food they ate in real life or in dreams or because of money or gifts they received. A lady was presented a fish which was served at her birthday ceremony, by a fetish and satanic person, and all the people that ate the fish unprotected were initiated to the marine world and had their lives controlled by Satan. But she met with Jesus and the power of God set her free from the satanic bondage. I prophesied that any satanic food or a gift you have received that is a trouble in your life will be destroyed by fire in Jesus name.

8. Spreading something on the floor for others to tread upon so as to gain access into their lives: Certain satanic agents are fond of spreading some things outside very early in the morning with the hope of taking the glory or the fortunes of people that tread on them. They may bath in a big bowl and pour the water on the floor where people pass, or spread corn, salt, etc on the floor. So I encourage you as a child of God never to go out carelessly without praying and securing your life with the blood of Jesus. If you are suffering already from this kind of attack, the fire of the Holy Ghost will destroy that yoke upon your life in Jesus name.

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