Summary: Visitations from the Lord are real if you have the faith of Jesus Christ.

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Read Matthew 5: 8 out loud and drink a little bit of water

When detriment not only strikes but also prevent you from getting the job done, you got to keep moving and believing that you are healed by the power of God.

I see people who work so hard to make their life better, but it seems as though trials and tribulations make their life worse. I was praying for a young man and while I was praying I saw two small lights around his left ear, so I begin to command the spirit of the Lord to make his self heard in the young man’s ear to get through to him. I said to the young man don’t you want to have an ear for the word of God, and let the word be heard and allow the word of God to fall on your ear, and trust the word to sound in your ear, and let the word of God reach your ear.

He said I do.

I spoke to those two lights that I saw around his left ear, and said separate, and one of the lights appeared around his right ear. This man now has a light on both sides of his head. These lights moved around his head like UFO’s and when he looked down there was a great roaring thunder, and a lightning bolt appeared in the sky, as straight as a line. There lived on his shoulder an invisible voice.

I told this young man God neither will leave him nor forsake him but be with him all the days of his life. Suddenly, I felt as though somebody was watching me. You know how you take your hand and swipe it across your ear and you feel the force behind it. This is what I felt around my ear. It happened about three times and then it went away a gust of wind.

Fear came over my body; I could feel chills all over my arms and back. And these chills wrapped around me. There was nothing I could do about it so I opened my mouth and took three deep breaths.

I heard laughing behind my chest and it felt so good to me, and my stomach moved on its own like never before. And there appeared a round cloud all around me like a huge balloon and I was setting in chair inside this cloud and a voice came out of me saying “Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I Am that I Am”

So I stood to my feet with my hands on my hip, suddenly, something fell from above like a falling star. I went to the spot and stood there for a moment than I said Jesus! my voice begin to tremble as though I was talking from my heart for about a second, because I was speaking the word of the Lord.

I took my tablet and drew three lines on it and walked to the front door and to the back door of the house that I’m renting. I told the Lord don’t let anyone make a profit off of me without me getting my part of it. And I felt a surge of energy run through the cord that I had my left foott on.

I felt someone gritting their teeth at me and a face appeared on my right side with no eyes, nose or mouth and in the form of a light, which disappeared. I took the Bible and turned to Revelation 22 and wrote (Reward, Alpha and Omega and Morning Star), and then I closed the book, and turned the T.V. off and back on again.

If you spend time with the Lord, He will visit you and keep you close to Him. And you will see little babies running around every now and then, because I do and God has no respect of person. Blessed are the pure in heart not in actions but in heart, for they shall see God. We are the children of the living God.

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