Summary: Is the praise and worship that we offer to the Lord everything that it is perceived to be? Meaning well and doing right for the long term may sometimes be two different things.


Luke 19:28-44

Casting something at the feet of Jesus speaks of a high praise. Mary washed Jesus' feet with her hair, pouring expensive ointment on Him. The 24 elders, in Revelation, cast their crowns at His feet.

Rev. 4:10 The four and twenty elders fall down before him that sat on the throne, and worship him that liveth for ever and ever, and cast their crowns before the throne, saying,

In the gospels, there is agreement that many followers of Jesus went and cut palm branches in preparation for His entry into Jerusalem. As He came riding into town, they cast their branches directly in the path that He was to trod.

Others threw down garments in the road for Him to traverse. I don't believe that these were some old sodden clothes that were unfit for attire. They were nice clothes, maybe even fine garments taken out of the closet, to lay out before the course of the King. This was not just some last minute hype done at a moments notice.

Upon a careful reading of the central text, one will come to realize that these events that are recorded on "Palm Sunday" were carefully calculated and measured. The Holy Ghost was a work ahead of time and on time.

Back up and take a closer look.

Jesus begins His ascent towards Jerusalem (v.28). --He knows fully well what lies ahead of Him for the upcoming days.

He sends two disciples to fetch Him a colt. Not just any colt, but a certain one, one which had never been rode.

He purposesly wants an untrained donkey. Riding in on a donkey portrays a man on a mission of peace. A warrior king would be mounted on a majestic horse. The donkey was a beast of burden, used as we would use a car or tractor in our modern era.

When the owners question the disciples about the taking of the colt, the simple answer was, "the Lord hath need of him." (vs. 33,34) No more questions were asked. Evidently the owner had enough confidence in Jesus to gladly give Him unlimited access to this animal.

Yes, it may have seemed like a small sacrifice, but it was not at all insignificant. They were consciously and sacrificially contributing in genuine worship and praise to Jesus. In their hearts, there were no conditions that went with the "lending" of the colt. Shouldn't that be our attitude about whatever God wants from us?

Next (v.35), the disciples are catching ahold of the spirit of properly worshipping the Lord. They cast their personal garments upon the back of the donkey. Then they physically lift Jesus up and place Him on the back of this donkey. It is all about real worship. Jesus was not incapable of mounting this short animal. The Spirit of God had inspired these disciples to give special honor and adoration to Jesus. Small gestures add up to high praise. They may take a little more of our time and a little more dying out to our old nature, but it is of utmost importance in glorifying Christ as He deserves.

In verses 36-38, there is great rejoicing and puposeful praise to the name of Jesus. Their praise was right even though their understanding was wrong. In their thoughts, this was the beginning of a new era for an earthly kingdom.

Possibly, the reaction of Jesus, is better understood in light of this misdirected hope of these well-meaning followers. Thus Jesus wept publicly for a second time. This does not show Him as weak.

Real men have real hearts and CRY at times. Don't suppress-----express.

Jesus cried for a people who were set to suffer and they had no idea of the devastation that was coming. His focus was on OTHERS.

Ponder again the palms and the garments that the people cast at the feet of Jesus. What do they signify?


Time and energy to cut and retrieve the palm branches. Possibly thwarting some fruit-bearing trees and eliminating some highly prized shade.


Laying down these items in the path of another was a sign of giving the best for one who they considered their hero. It was a way of showing loyalty and servitude.


These acts marked these individuals. They were identifying themselves as fanatic followers of the Lord.

Aside from a branch or a piece of clothing, what are some things that we should lay before the Lord to show our allegiance to Him.

Remember; these need to be premeditated sacrifices.

Lk. 14:28

For which of you, intending to build a tower, sitteth not down first, and counteth the cost, whether he have sufficient to finish it?

1. Time.

Give Him quality moments of your life. Sacrifice to be found in His house and in His presence.

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