Summary: When relationships go wrong

Purple- Purple Problems

When Mixing Goes Wrong

When I was 18 years old, my friends and I set out to film our own home video of us doing some stupid stuff. This was long before youtube and tik tok. One of the ideas we had involved a can of spam and a monster energy drink.

Just from the start, its obvious that some things just don’t mix. Well down the road from my neighborhood was a small lake and at the bank on one side was a massive hill. Much like the hill Cameron Lawson rolled down shirtless on the way to the ski trip.

The idea for this scene was that the dude was going to eat an entire can of spam and down the Monster energy drink then roll down the hill. Well I was the camera man at the bottom of the hill and sure enough, he downs the drink and the spam then rolls down the hill. As he is rolling, he is throwing up, mid roll. Stops rolling and just waterfalls.

Now he might not have gotten sick by just eating the spam and drinking the monster, although that sounds pretty nuclear, but mixing those two and adding outside turmoil, created a volatile projectile.

There are some things that you mix and on their own, there’s no harm, but they are a ticking time bomb. There are some things that were designed to never go together, kinda like Mentos and Diet Coke.

There are some things that by design are meant to go together. Like chicken nuggets and honey mustard, peanut butter and jelly, hot wings and ranch, fudge rounds and my tummy. Man and woman.

There is a new study out about teens and dating, here are the results:

When it comes to teen dating, a new study found that students not in a romantic relationship had stronger social skills and were less depressed than their peers.

This study confirmed that teens who don’t conform to dating in adolescence end up faring well, and perhaps better than their peers in romantic relationships.

Dr. Lauren Kelly, who is part of the ABC News medical unit, says the study raises concerns about relationships that may leave adolescents at higher risk for depression and may promote problem behaviors like substance abuse and risky sex.

The authors suggest that teen health promotion should focus on non-dating as another option for healthy development, Kelly said.

"Students who don't date might feel like they're not on track, but this study shows us that kids who aren't dating may be more well-adjusted than those who are,"

So let’s talk about the Purple Problem.

Song of Solomon 8:4 says: Do not arouse or awaken love until the time is right.

God’s design for love and sex have specific purposes at specific times. Lets answer the first question you may have, “When is the time right?”

Is it when ever my boyfriend tells me he loves me? Is it on our third date? Prom night? Is it after we are dating a year or 6 months?

Where do we turn to find this answer? Social media? Celebrities? Friends? How about Jesus?

Mark 10:6-9

Here’s the deal, when you do that for the first time, that was meant for marriage and that part of scripture where the two become one, that is considered a mingling of souls.

Jesus says let no man separate what God has joined together. Whoever you decide you want to fool around with because you think you love them or its so much fun, well here’s the deal, that stuff was designed for your future husband or wife and its a bond that was never meant to be broken.

There are a handful of chemicals at play in our brains when we get involved in romantic relationships and one of those is a chemical directly related to attachment. We become attached to the person we give ourselves too, and that attachment is designed to grow deeper not ripped apart over and over again.

You see as teenagers, the chemistry of your body is still changing and you’re growing, when you start messing with chemicals in your brain being released before their right time, you are only doing damage.

God did create sex. Sex is not some evil thing that we should never do. He created sex for pleasure, praise and purpose. He wants us to enjoy our SPOUSE, Godly sex brings God glory because it is a bond of love between His creation the way He intended and the purpose is for reproduction.

So anything outside the confines of marriage, which is the right time for love to be awakened, is sin. Obviously the only reason pre marital sex is a thing is because of the pleasure. It’s how God designed it, but thats not for when He designed it.

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