Summary: Pushing the button in this context actually means to put your faith or your dreams into action. Faith without work is death. It's time to activate your dreams.

It’s time to push the button. Pushing the button in this context actually means to put your faith or your dreams into action. I believe most of us have got New Year resolutions or probably a carryover of last year’s resolution that was not accomplished. This new year ,we are still contemplating whether to do or not to do. We are still not sure whether to push the button or not.

2nd king 5vs1-16 described Naaman as a

commander-in-chief of the Syrian army; a man with power and authority. According to the Bible Naaman was a man with fame and respect. However he had leprosy. In those days leprosy is a contagious disease that requires total isolation from other people.

Imagine being the MD/CEO/president/leader or someone that holds a very important post and you are been isolated. For Naaman, as a chief commander of the army, he will probably think his country will not be safe anymore. In the worst case scenario he will be replaced and lose his job.

This must have been a terrible period for Naaman. He must have had a sleepless night, frustrated , distressed, depressed plus anxiety.

At this point he will be highly desperate for solution. He will be ready to push the button no matter how much it will cost him .

Most of us must have found ourselves in this kind of situation that will make us really desperate for solution at all cost.

When Naaman was told about Elijah, he was very enthusiastic to see him. The bible says he took silver and gold with him, apparently thinking Elijah will give him a first class treatment and charge him quite a lot fees because he is rich and because of the kind of illness he has. This shows how desperate he was to push the button.

But on getting to Elijah’s house his expectation was cut short. He was hit with a triple blow.

The first blow was Elijah refused to come out to see him but he sent him a message through his messenger.

The second blow was that Elijah sent him a message to go wash in river Jordan which is very dirty water and not one of the other beautiful rivers.

The third blow was Naaman was asked to dip himself in this dirty water not just once but seven good times.

At the start of Namaan's journey he was very enthusiastic to meet Elijah. He was full of expectations that Elijah will give him a first class treatment. Apparently Naaman was expecting Elijah to perform a sophisticated magic that will keep in his comfort zone. But the Bible says Gods ways is not our ways and His thought is not our thought (Isaiah 55:8)

Isaiah 55:8)

Naaman fumed because of the way Elijah treated him and he refused to follow Elijah’s instruction. Thank God for Namaan servant who gave him a good advice to go wash in the dirty water and he did. He pushed the button and he got healed.

How often have we reacted to God’s word like Naaman, how often have we disobeyed God's instruction because of pride, How often have we missed our miracles of Deliverance, provision, healing and breakthrough because we feel it is too simple to be good. like Namaan

thought "just a wash" cannot make him whole . Apparently he thought washing in river Jordan is too simple to be true and he almost missed his miracle.

Has God been asking you to do something and you are disobeying Him.

Have you been given God's prophesy by just an ordinary person and you feel he or she is not a pastor or the person is not anointed and you rejected the prophesy.

Maybe God is asking you to take up a new job and you are saying you are over qualified, and you rejected the job .That could be the beginning of your breakthrough, remember little drop of water make a mighty ocean.

Or maybe there is an alter call in your church or a gathering for healing and deliverance and you rejected the call because of fame and pride.

Bretheren, It is time to push button in your business, job, education, career, ministry, marriage, family, etc.


1) Power, wealth, fame, ego

2)Disobedience, anger, pride, position

3) Not putting your faith into action

4) Not respecting God's words

5) “What will people say”


1) We need to realise that God can use anyone to give us his message

2) We need to realise that wealth, honour, fame, and riches cannot take the place of God’s instruction.

3) We need to realise that sometimes God doesn't work the way we expect

4) We should not allow our ego to get in the way of our miracle

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