Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: A message of encouragement to those who have allowed the devil to kill thier faith. It ain’t over till it over saint!


Lk. 11:7-11

Vs.11 “..the day after..”

Church, there’s always a day after with God!

1.Day after depression

2.Day after doubt

3.Day after difficulties

God has not promised us tomorrow, be He hold tomorrow in His hands!

Ill.- Old song “There’s got to be a morning after”

“Nain”- translated pleasant, nice

Here was a pleasant place with a painful problem.

A strange dichotomy.

Ill.- A. Lamb man at the gait called beautiful, an ugly problem, in a beautiful place.

B. Family with nice house, but inside full of strife.

Jesus came to this place with a crowed and confronted a crowd coming out. One coming in, one going out.

One crowd following the savior, miracle wonder working man.

The other followed death, depression, ..

Q- Which crowd are you following?

Both crowds were singing.

Coffin crowd was singing “ gloom, despair, and agony on me”

Miracle crowd was singing “Look what the Lord has done. He healed my body, He touched my mind,..

And the mother of the dead son was following the coffin.

This was an all too familiar thing for her, after all she was a widow. She knew death.

In the culture of that time the woman was totally dependent upon a man for their provision, sustenance, and protection.

Ill.- Woman at the well with Jesus, had 5 husbands, one with now not hers, not as premisiqius as she sounds, needing provision and protection.

Ill.- Similar culture in Uganda Africa today. When husband/provider dies, leaves the woman alone, her relatives and “so-called” friends will come over and begin to look through his stuff. “ Can I have this?” “ This just fits!” “I need a new brown pair of shoes.”

Q- Have you ever had the worst day of your life, and have so-called friends come over and take what’s left of your shattered situation?

But Jesus was on the way!

Tell somebody Jesus is on the way!

There’s a promise coming down your dusty road!

Now lift your hands and praise Him!

Q- Have you ever noticed that at the point of your greatest miracle the devil will step in and try to strike your faith down?

Ill.- 1. Orpha, Ruth’s sister-in-law, kissed off when she should have clave to.

2. Judas experienced Christ Himself, laid hands on the sick, cast out devils, yet turned away.

3. 500 that saw Jesus ascend, heard Him say tarry in Jerusalem yet only a 120 in the upper room.

Hold on church. Your breakthrough is closer than you think.

Jesus confronted the coffin.

The Lord has sent me here to confront the coffin that has your life boxed in.

The enemy has a coffin designed for everyone. He knows just how to box you in.

Ill.-1. Temper

2. Finances

3. Fears

4. Past

Church, the devil will box you in if you let him.

Q- Anybody here fell boxed up? Like satan has killed your miracle, put it in a coffin, and is caring it to the graveyard?

Ill.- Old song; “Ain’t no grave, gonna hold my body down.”

There ain’t no devil in hell is gonna hold my

1. Miracle

2. Healing

3. Family

4. Deliverance

But before Jesus could touch the coffin, He had to stop the funeral.

Every coffin is carried by six pallbearers.

The devil has six pallbearers that have carried your stuff too long.

Somebody tell the devil “STOP!”

Six Pall Bearers

1. Doubt. Unbelief. Knowing, but not believing.

Saying “ I believe He can, but I don’t know if He will.”

Doubt is a splint in your spirit that leads to the infection of your faith, causing you to be unable to lay hold upon the promises God has for you.

Mk. 11:24

2. Depression. I’ve never seen so many of Gods people depressed as there is today.

Ill.- One thread wrapped around you is easily broken, but one hundred is impossible.

Depression is rooted in fear.

“God has not given us the spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind”

3. Drought. Not of natural water, but;.

A. Gods Word; revelation word.

B. Gods Spirit. “..former and the latter rain..”

Q- Anybody here thirsty for a fresh out pouring of the Holy Ghost rain?

4. Division. The co-habitation of two visions. Double-minded.

The surest way the devil has to carry your faith off is to get you to going two directions at the same time.

Ill.- Military combat. Divide and conquer.

Ps. 133:1 “Behold how good and pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity….there He commanded the blessing.”

God has commanded a blessing in unity, and a curse on division.

A house divided cannot stand.

Some would say, “I Just don’t agree with the way Pastor is….how he does…what he says..”

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