Summary: Jesus warned that anyone who caused a new believer or young child to stumble in their faith or be hurt in another way would find himself better off if a grinding stone were tied to him and be drowned. The judgment for a false teacher or fake believer is harsh and frightening. Are you guilty?

If I knew or heard of anything I might have said or done that resulted in somebody rejecting and walking away from the message of the Gospel, then I would rather have the Lord Jesus remove all salvation and hope from me and throw me into hell to prevent the other person from meeting such a fate. I would rather have the flames of hell destroy me and I endure God's eternal wrath than to know that someone in hell was there due to my silence, hypocritical behavior, or indifference towards the condition of their soul. I could not live with myself if I knew that someone was suffering in eternity because I took the words of Jesus too casually and treated my faith and relationship with Him as if it were just another religious routine that demonstrated no change in my behavior, attitude, or worldview (Ezekiel 3:17-19). I would cringe in abject terror where I to find out that something I might have said either behind a pulpit or a lectern that sounded as if I was in doubt about a passage of Scripture or expressed any kind of skepticism that could have turned an inquisitive listener back to the world's wickedness and ungodliness.

These confessions and thoughts have been on my heart and mind for some time now, and I have a burden to plead with those of you who have followed the Lord Jesus for any amount of time to examine yourselves and perhaps engage in some spiritual "house cleaning" in order to see if you have gotten off track anywhere. For any of you who have made it your life's work to try and wreck or thwart someone's new or growing faith in Jesus to have them abandon it and embrace your particular anti-God worldview, take what I am about to present as a warning and a certainty that you will be held accountable for what you have done. You are now without excuse or alibi.

Let us be honest. We all take the issue of evil and sin way too lightly to where it is something we tend to brush off, or explain away, or blame either on our environment or anything else that looks convenient. Too many people, both devout and reprobate, view sin as if it were nothing more at times to be the equivalent of a traffic citation when in fact it is a heinous crime against humanity deserving of punishment by death (Numbers 32:23). We ignore bad behaviors and acts instead of confronting and condemning them. Look at the recent and obviously blatant double standards used by the media to approve massive destructive riots in cities, calling them "peaceful protesting", yet turn around and slander a large gathering of citizens praying and waving flags, calling it a "near riot" that needs to be broken up. God Almighty calls sin for what it is; a dangerous, horrid, putrid moral cancer that corrodes and consumes us continually. Any sins we do not confess to God or repent of is the equivalent of taking a bath in a cesspool in the hopes that it will cover the other wretched odors and stench we have. Sin, no matter its range or depth, is always an offense to God and will never allow it to be in His Holy presence nor in His heavenly dwelling (Deuteronomy 25:16; Psalm 5:4, 11:5, 36:2; Isaiah 3:9; Matthew 7:13; Romans 7:11, 13; 1 Tim.6:9).

The Bible teaches that people love their sins (Psalm 52:3, 62:4; Isaiah 5:18; 2 Thessalonians.2:11-12). Even those of us who confess our wrongdoings to the Lord Jesus will often keep an unconfessed "pet" sin for set times when we foolishly believe that He will turn the other way and not look when we bring it out for whatever reason we might justify. Let me hit below the belt and ask how many of you men reading this keep an image of godly behavior and character in public, then wait until your family is asleep, go to the living room and turn on the computer to watch porn? How long do you look at someone's daughter or son engaging in acts that more than likely are forced upon them as sex slaves or trafficked minors posing as adults? Be honest before God and your wife who will eventually catch on to what you are doing. I know it is a continual fight against a dragon that never seems to stay slain, and you feel awful about what you have done, but you cannot justify it in any way, shape, or form, and you know it. We deal with lusts of the flesh continually (Matt. 5:28; Romans 1:27, 13:14; 2 Tim. 2:22) as we do with all sins, but in the name of Jesus, rebuke it, condemn it, get rid of the computer, if necessary, have your spouse put filters on what can be viewed, or do your computer searches in her sight. SLAY THE DRAGON ONCE AND FOR ALL!! Ladies, this goes for you as well.

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