Summary: This is the fourth message in the series on the Seven Deadly Sins. (Lust)

Intro: Today’s message is dealing with the area of Lust.

This is the fourth message in the series on the Seven Deadly Sins of the heart.

How many of you like to fish?

I like to Bass and Saltwater fish.

When you go fishing; depending on what type of fishing you are going to do; there are many things to decide on before you go like rod and reel, bait or lures, and the place.

Well, I want to let you know this morning that lust and fishing have a little bit in common,

Today I am going to show you one of the best anglers in the business. His name is Lucifer and when it comes to fishing for souls he has got it down to a science.

James 1:14 warns, “But each one is tempted when he is drawn away from his own lust and enticed.” If you were to look up the word enticed, you would see that it is a Greek fishing term. It means to bait something.

James says that each and everyone of us are tempted.

What is lust? It is many things, it is that lingering look at your new secretary, or surfing the Internet looking at the next image to download into a private file. Men who are huddling around a magazine rack gawking at the swim suit issue of Sports Illustrated, or Men’s magazines.

Lust plays on sexuality, but does not satisfy the physical need.

Now the devil is the best at what he does because he has had so long to prefect his art.

Just as Jesus told His disciples that they would be fishers of men, so is Satan a fisher of men.

I want to tell you of four Keys that are used to cauhgt fish. (men!)

I. Choosing the best place and time.

I can see Satan now (like every good fisherman) heading down to the fishing Hole; rod and reel in hand looking at his next prospect.

He is very aware of the type of fish he is looking for and he knows the best time and place to catch you.

Like the bass fisherman he is always looking for the best spot available.

He has his trusty depth finder that tells him where you are at and he knows when you are vulnerable.

The place and time make a big difference of how you are affect by the elements around you.

Are you in a bad mood or are you happy or praying? All of these play a big part in the best time to lure you in.


II. Choosing the best lure.

When he is ready to fish he must find the right lure to work for the moment.

A jig is one of the number one lures that can catch a trophy bass,

Most jigs baits in bass fishing have a little skirt that hides the hook.

Now when you are fishing you have to be very quiet or you will scare the fish away.

Not every lure works for every person. But, as perfected in his art as Satan is, he has a pretty good ideal what lure to use in your case.

But the best design to catch a fish is to hide the hook so that it looks o.k. to touch.

The third key to caughting fish is;

III. It’s Time to Lure.

To begin fishing you must be quiet as possible as you cast it out on the water making very little sound.

Those that are skilled know how to do this.

That is the way that the devil is too. Very quiet, no sound of popping when the lure hits the water just quiet.

Now no sin is involved when the lure is cast or if it is in the water. Some think that they have sinned if they are tempted by the devil.

No matter who you are; you are tempted, regardless of your age, color, ministry, or reputation.

Now, once the lure has been cast out on to the water, it is now time to work it, reel it in.

You reel it nice and slow trying to make that lure look as real as possible.

Satan follows the same technique, he works the temptation nice and slow not rushing he is in no hurry he has all day.

The temptation may be a little eye contact that was different from before, a smile or wink that caught your eye, a joke with a little lustful over-tone, and a lingering luncheon with the secretary.

What ever it is, the question may arise, “what would it be like if I…”

The Imagination begins to kick in, you move a little closer to the lure and your not striking at it yet but you have noticed it.

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