Summary: God gives us the strength to enter in to the faith of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus in the midst of seeing the vision of His judgment against us.




Dr. Gale A. Ragan-Reid (May 11, 2015)

“The Lord God is my strength, and he will make mine feet like hinds' feet, and he will make me to walk upon mine high places. To the chief singer on my stringed instruments” (Habakkuk 3:19, King James Version [God's judgment against Judah]).

Greetings In The Holy Name Of Jesus,

My sisters and brothers, how often do you dialogue with God? Do you talk to God as Habakkuk did in the days of the old prophets? Do you hear his answers? Is it possible for you, to see the vision, even the answers to all your questions?

Question it all to find your truth---not the truth that they gave you in wickedness and iniquity but God's truth---the vision and your answers to all your questions. Do not hold back---question it all---all that you see, the burden of the vision, so that your heart no longer yearns to seek out the truth. “Question the slacked law, question terrible and dreadful judgments withheld proceeding out of indignant heathens, question how the wicked circle around the righteous---driving back and forth for all to see them in the pride of their wicked intentions to do you harm either by their lying tongues or their treacherous acts, question disbelief in God's divine works, question their violent intent, question their captivity---all those who lost their freedom (liberty) at the hands of the wicked, question their disrespect of kings, heads-of-state, presidents, and leaders, question those princes who are a scorn unto them, question how the wicked mind changes, question how the wicked pass over---right pass you, question how the wicked offend you, question how the wicked charges that his posture and behavior of hatred is his power unto his god---denying the living God you serve, question how the wicked devourest the man that is more righteous than he is, question how the wicked make men like they have no ruler---without their God, question the drag net used by the wicked to catch men like fishes, question how the wicked do not spare and continue to slay the nations. Question it all!” (chapter 1, KJV).

Is this your story? Is history repeating itself in your life? Has God judged you and sent the wicked to rule over and oppress you to every end of His judgment---even denying that your God will have mercy on you? Who among you will stand as the prophet Habakkuk stood to watch over Judah in the days of old? What will God say to you? What will be God's answers to all your questions?

Do you have the strength to stand before God as he reproves you and all those you represent (your people)? And, when God lets you see your judgment---the vision of your death and destruction---his judgment over you, can you still stand to write the vision down on tablets for all to read it, knowing they will run away---try to escape the judgment God made for their wicked ways. Remember the saying, “You can dish it out but you can not take it.” Did you let the temptations of the world come between you and your God? Will the world save you when your God sends the wicked to gather you up as sand and when your God sends the wicked to catch you up in a drag net like fishes?

Remember the proverb in Habakkuk, “Woe to him that increased that which is not his...spoiled many violence of the land, of the city, and all that dwell therein...coveting in his own house to set his nest on high, to save and deliver himself from the power of evil, ...cutting off many people, sinning against their own soul, building a town with blood...” (chapter 2). You know what you did! Yet, question it all in dialogue with God to see the vision of your judgment and all those you represent (your people). In light of what happened and continues to happen---let the questions lead you to affirm your belief in prayer---ask God for strength. Pray to God for strength. Do not deny the truth within you and remain questioning the judgment of God that you see in the vision---it is better not to remain captive to the judgment and the evil that is coming upon you—walk through the open door back to your God your faith, the faith of Christ Jesus your salvation plan---affirm your love and belief and pray for strength; 'I


will rejoice in the Lord...God the Lord is my strength'---to make it through it all (chapter 3).

What does it matter, if you lose your soul--- that there is street violence, that there is police brutality, that there is oppression, that there is wickedness in high places, that there is discrimination, that there is racial profiling, that there is poverty, that the world does not favor you, that the world hates you, that men are led astray, that men are trapped, that the innocents---righteous men, women, and children are thrown into prison and killed on the streets---even in their homes and on their lands. For the saving of your souls, go into the faith of Christ Jesus, recognize the God you serve, a living God is with you. Who do you fear---the judgment of your God coming against you or the people of the world who do only what your God who loves you allow them to do to you? Who wants to stand up to the judgment of God without the strength to make it through it all that only God can give you? Question it all---when the crying stops. Question it all---when the darkness falls. Question it all---but do not remain questioning---find your truth and then enter in to the faith that lets you affirm:

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