Summary: This is an important, personal, serious and imperative question that God has asked Adam but us as well.

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Sermon Where Art Thou? Genesis 3:9

Here we have

I. An Important Question

a. It was asked by God

b. All God’s Questions are important

i. What shall it profit a man…

ii. If the righteous scarcely be saved

iii. How shall we escape…

c. It had to do with Adam’s moral and spiritual welfare

i. Most men are concerned about their material and physical welfare not spiritual welfare

II. A Personal Question

a. Men are prone to shift responsibility

i. The woman that thou gives me

ii. How treacherous the human heart

iii. How foolish

III. A Serious Question

a. It has to do with the soul, God, eternity, heaven, hell…. Where Art Thou?

i. In Christ or in the world

ii. On the road to heaven or to hell (Matthew 7:13-14)

iii. Are you saved or lost? You are one or the other

iv. Are you a child of God or a child of the devil? John 8:44/I John 3:10

v. Are you a mere formal Christian or are you a real Christian?

1. Do you go to church on Sunday and go to the bar and live like the devil the rest of the week?

vi. Are you with or against Jesus? Matthew 12:30

1. Every person is either wholly, openly, confessedly for Christ or he is against Him

vii. Are you in God’s Family or out?

IV. An Imperative Question

a. Demands through, prayerful scriptural, honest, immediate consideration.

b. If not answered now, must be face at the judgment.

c. Men still seek to hide from God

i. Refusing to read His Word

ii. Staying away from His house

iii. Even evading His People

Where Art Thou???

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