Summary: Jesus ends His public ministry with three key principles: God’s love commands us to love our neighbors; He sees every action we do (don't be a Pharisee); giving sacrificially is what God requires of us, even if it means giving all we have.

Questions and Answers

Mark 12:28-44

- Jesus is demonstrated in this book as a “servant”

- Jesus’ teachings, while difficult for some to deal with, are always timely

-- God always allows us to hear from Him at just the right time

- This morning we have two things happening which we need to examine

-- The first is an honest question and dialogue with Jesus

-- The second, is as Mark records it, the END of Jesus’ public ministry

- Continuing on from the previous story, we see the crowd continuing to swell

-- In addition, they are now willing to ask Jesus honest questions and hear Him

- IMP: To the Christian today, it shows us that even in the midst of interrogation … there is still a chance for others to hear the Gospel and be changed!

- Read Mark 12:28-34

∆ Point 1 – The Important Question (28-34)

- Most would say that this man was a representative of Pharisees to ask (v28)

-- After hearing Jesus dismantle the Sadducees teaching, he wants to know more

-- What is critical here is the interaction Jesus has willingly with people

- APP: Even if you don’t agree with someone, you can still talk to them

-- It’s a great sign of ministering and communicating with others

-- Lesson: Don’t close yourself off to listen and then communicate what you know

- Jesus quotes for this man from Deuteronomy 6:4-5 (OT Commandment)

-- This is what God says about the relationship between us and Him (v29-31)

-- It demonstrates how we should feel about Him and live our lives daily

- Even though the scribe only asked for greatest, Jesus answers with BOTH

-- Again, Jesus quotes from the OT in Leviticus 19:18, “Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against anyone among your people, but love your neighbor as yourself. I am the Lord.”

- It is in the understanding of God’s word that is critical for us here

-- In Luke 10:29 we see this story further; with parable “Good Samaritan”

-- Jesus teaches us that we are to LOVE our neighbor; even the enemies

-- APP AGAIN: Society is NOT the enemy of the church; it’s mission field

- The scribe, impressed by Jesus’ answer, replies back to Him in confirmation

-- It is in this that reveals his true heart and his relationship with God (v32-33)

- However, what the scribe does is really break it down for everyone to hear

-- It is more important to love the Lord as there is none other than Him

-- AND, all of our religious sacrifices & deeds are worth less than loving neighbor

-- APP: In v33 there is a clear commitment that God is everything, always

- So, in turn, Jesus commends the Scribe for his understanding

-- This is the only place in Mark where you will see Jesus commend a Scribe

-- Remember, they are the “keepers of the law”; the writers/translators

-- And for this man to reply, Jesus confirms his words by seeing into his heart

- In v34, “You are not far from the Kingdom of God” is an encouragement

-- It is Jesus saying, “Keep going, you are on the right road to see God …”

- After this encounter, there were no more trick questions of attempts to trap Jesus

-- It’s not that they feared Jesus, but they knew He knew the Word of God

-- They realized that His answers were spot on, and founded in Scripture

- APP: Great lesson for us: If the answer is IN scripture, it is from God

-- If it comes from man (I think, I feel) and not backed by Scripture is sin

- TRANS: Christians should know the difference; this Scribe knew it as well

- Read Mark 12:35-37

∆ Point 2 – The Real Question (35-37)

- Every teacher of the Law taught that the Messiah would come from line of David

-- This is OT fact and a promise that they consistently stood on

- Jesus is trying to get crowd to see deeper than just the information on paper (v35)

-- If you will, He is asking them to connect the dots from lesson to reality

-- The Messiah was surely more than just the physical seed of David

-- And He is CERTAINLY more than just Earthly conqueror or miracle worker

- Why is this important to understand? B/C Jesus is everything we need!

-- Jesus quotes for them from Psalm 110:1; a messianic psalm of promise

- For a Jewish person, David’s words are the highest authority on Earth for them

-- So how is it possible for David to refer to someone ELSE as “my Lord”? (v36)

- David recognized that there IS an authority that is higher than his own

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