Summary: God seems to love the "Quiet Game" and seems to be the world's most skilled player. How can you hear Him when He seems to be so quiet?

Quiet Games

Pt. 3 - Hearing Aids Pt. 2

I. Introduction

They would be enshrined in the childhood games hall of fame . . . 7-Up, Kick the Can, Musical Chairs but then there is the Quiet Game a perennial nominee for induction that would never get my vote. I hate the Quiet Game. No sound. No action. No movement. I didn't like it then and lo and behold the disdain for the game has carried over into my adult life.

We are following the world's most accomplished Quiet Game player. Ironically as big, loud, and overwhelming as God is it seems that He has an extreme affinity for the Quiet Game. So, once again my life seems to be captured in Deuteronomy 5:22 - "He spoke in a tremendous voice from the fire and cloud and dark mist. And that was it. No more words."

A desire to hear Him clearly but it is a struggle at times.

We said in the natural when we struggle to hear there are only 2 options we ask the people talking to shout louder or we invest in hearing aids. I told you that since God most likely won't raise His voice that we should employ the use of hearing aids. Last week I read this statement to you that Jesus made . . .

II. Text

John 10:27

Jesus said this, "My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me."

So, Jesus tells us that our ability to follow is directly connect to and controlled by our ability to hear. If we can't hear then we will struggle to follow and it is also logical to realize that if we aren't hearing we may think we are following but discover that we have gone astray. Therefore, we should employ hearing aids to help us hear clearly.

The Bible gives us 7 hearing aids that are designed to help us filter or judge the leadings, promptings, counsel, and guidance of others. In the midst of a quiet season or stretch these hearing aids help us know how to proceed. We have looked at Scripture as the foundational and standard for all other aids in hearing. The Holy Spirit helps us remember or recall what Jesus' voice sounds like. The prophetic used in natural, normal conversation helps us help others and receive help in hearing God clearly. So let's continue.

4. Godly Counsel

Two things to notice here. First, notice the order. We tend to try to run to people counsel prior to running to the counsel of God's Word. We are opinion hungry and opinion controlled. We have to get the order right because if God's Word says something then all the opposing opinions are null and void. Second, notice I said Godly counsel! Some of us have counsel but it isn't Godly it is confusing and in some cases carnal. Some of the counsel we get and follow is nothing more than miserable people seeking company in their misery. Listen you can't seek counsel about money from someone who is bankrupt. Relationship counsel from someone who has a proven track record of failure in that area. Life coaching from someone who has no life. We must seek the people that God positions in our life to bring Godly counsel. You should have counsel in your life. Go to folks who you can get biblically sound advice. If you only trust your own thoughts, choices, decision making ability, then you have a pride issue. If your voice is the only voice that matters in every discussion, then you are headed for seasons of silence and pain. How many of you know that stupidity can lead to silence too?

The wisest man who has ever walked the planet knew that being a one man show was a recipe for failure. Listen to what he says in Proverbs 11:14 . . . "Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counselors there is safety."

5. Confirmation

The idea of Godly counsel and the 5th hearing aid which is confirmation drive home the absolute importance of being in relationship in the body of Christ. This reminds us that we will struggle to hear God clearly in isolation.

Remember we are told in Matthew 18 that there is power in agreement. If every solid, Bible centered person you consult is against what you are talking about it should cause you to pause and go back and reconsider Hearing Aids 1-4. When you are struggling to hear God you should seek confirmation before making any major decisions. This hearing aid is a safety net for you. Is there any pause from those you submit to? Is there any concern? This hearing aid has been abused too in an attempt to control. I am not talking about that . . . Again the order is essential. But like the prophetic just because it has been misused doesn't give us permission to dismiss the value of this hearing aid. Who do you have in your life that their "no" overrules every yes except Scripture's or the Holy Spirit? Who do you have in your life whose "yes" overthrows every no except Scripture or the Holy Spirit? You need those type of folks!

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