Summary: To love our Lord Jesus Christ with all of our heart, then we must love His Church just as much!

Introduction: Evangelist Tony Evans, describes the Church as an Embassy. It is a designated place in a foreign country, where Americans can go when the foreign country is under attack and can be safe within the desiganeted area called an Embassy. The Church is taken out of this world and put into the world and God will protect His people.

Jesus said "I will MY Church upon the rock and it will not be destroyed by the gates of Hell."

Peter, later preaches in Jerusalem and the Church begins on the day of Pentecost 30 A.D. The Church begins to meet in their homes and in places where they could be safe to worship The Christ. 3,000 souls were added to the Church.

The church began to called many different names -- The Body of Christ, The Church of the Living God,, the Pillar of Truth, the Household of God, The Bride of Christ, The Family of God,, a Fellowship, an Flock, Friends, Brothers of Christ.

The book of Ephesians speaks about Christ loving the Church as His Bride. The Church is called faithful followers in Chapter One. Jesus sacrificed His Blood for the Church. He has made Peace for the Church. His mission for the Church was to be Unified. He has made the Church Holy. We are love the Church like HE did by putting it first place in our lives. Jesus cleansed the Church and He wants was to keep it spotless and without wrinkle.

Dwight Moody was visiting the city of London for a revival and he was staying in a hotel on the top floor. He looked out window and saw people playing in the park from a distance. He asked his roomates to see as well and asked the question, "What do you see ? And they told them about the people in the park. But Dwight said I see something different. I see people who are lost and need a Saviour, and with tears in his eyes he said it again.

The Apostle Paul wrote the Christians in Thessalonica about his first trip to the city and he preached the gospel and within weeks there was riot started in the city, but weeks later as the people turned their lives to Jesus they said they had turned the world upside down in that city. Paul tells them to follow his example as he was relentless for the preaching of the gospel.

Do you love the Church? then tell your friends, tell your neighbor, be willing to suffer; be willing to evangelize,; be willing to labor faithfully, enthusiastically, and live honorably. However long it takes, make the Word of God known to all. DO YOU LOVE HIS CHURCH?

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