Summary: This day we can change our life todays message is the beginning of his public ministry, He gave people something to talk about, he gave people stuff that would change their life.

1. Its “THIS DAY” Jesus Begins His Public Ministry Luke 4:14-21

• The text said, “He returned to Galilee “in the power of the Spirit”

• Jesus has been tempted by Satan in the wilderness but we would think this would have weakened him but to the contrary he was in the power of the spirit

• Jesus came from His time of testing stronger than ever.

• Theologian Matthew Clark said “He who, through the grace of God, resists and overcomes temptation, is always bettered by it.,

• This Day “we can” have a “I can” attitude which will overcome frustrations, temptations, wilderness moments. Let me understand I am bettered by these struggles

2. This Day He gave the People something to Talk about

• They talked so much that the word spread throughout the whole countryside

• They not only talked but they praised him vs 15

• It was This Day he gave words of Hope for the Poor I have Good News to proclaim good news to the poor.

• They heard Him say, “It’s this Day there is Freedom to those prisoned by hopelessness He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners

• This Day there is recovery it’s a recovery of sight for the blind, to set the oppressed free,

• This Day begins the year of Jubilee 19 the year of the Lord’s favor.” is this the year of Jubilee?

3. This Day Jesus said some prophetic stuff

• On the Sabbath Day he went into the Synagogue

• He read from the prophet Isaiah

• It’s This Day that Jesus claims God has anointed Me The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me

4. Finally, Jesus rolled up the scroll, gave it to the attendant, and sat down.

• 21 today this scripture is fulfilled in your hearing.”

• He is saying “This Day I will take -- proclaiming good news to the poor,

• release to captives, healing to the infirm, offering freedom to all who are oppressed,

• and proclaiming "the year of the Lord's favor" to all who will listen.

• This Day Help us lord to listen, to follow, to believe.

• Yes, This Day let us begin a life of Proclaiming “GOOD NEWS” Instead of Negative News I can do it you can to words that encourage

• This Day may I begin conversation that is always focused on “Good” Life is Good folks enjoy life Jesus proclaimed good news

• This Day May we share with others our “Bright Future”” I have a home in glory land that out shines the sun” I am bound for the Promised land oh who will come and go with me”

• This Day I am Hopeful , This Day there is Freedom, this day there is Recovery, this day is Jubilee

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