3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: We MUST do more than race to race, we need to race to win!



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• I have enjoyed examining the “Amazing Race” with you over the past three week! Today we are going to conclude our examination of the “Amazing Race” by taking a look at the concept of Racing to Win!

• In October of 2002 Herm Edwards then coach of the New York Jets got a little heated in a press conference.

• A reported asked him a question about the game, and Edwards responded by saying that you PLAY TO WIN THE GAME. YOU DO NOT PLAY TO JUST PLAY THE GAME. YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME.

• Edwards in this classic rant continued to repeat that you play to win the game.

• Why are you running the race? Are you just playing to play or are you racing to win?

• There is a big difference between racing and racing to win. If you watch any of the professional sports All-Star games, you see an example of playing just playing. If you watch a Super Bowl or World Series you are seeing people playing to win.

• Racing to win means that we will have to take our game to a whole new level. It amazes me to see what an athlete can do when they are playing to win or racing to win.

• Michael Jordan goes out on the court sick with the flu and puts of 30 or 40 points to win a game.

• Your whole life will be about how you handle the challenges you face in life. Will you be the type of person who takes on the challenges of life head on with all you have or will you be the type of person who crumbles under the pressure.

• If you are Racing to Win, you will be determined to over come the challenges.

• In the 1988 World Series against the Oakland Athletics, Kirk Gibson saw only a single plate appearance, but it was one of the most memorable and oft-replayed in baseball history. Gibson had severely injured both legs during the League Championship Series and had a stomach virus. He was not expected to play at all.

• In Game 1 on October 15, 1988 (at Dodger Stadium), with the Dodgers trailing by a score of 4-3, Mike Davis on first, and two out in the ninth inning, manager Tommy Lasorda inserted Gibson as a pinch hitter.

• Earlier, the TV camera had scanned the dugout and Vin Scully (the legendary Dodger announcer who was calling the game with Joe Garagiola for NBC) observed that Gibson was nowhere to be found. According to legend, he was in the clubhouse undergoing physical therapy and saw this on the television, spurring him to get back in the dugout and tell Lasorda he was ready if needed.

• When Gibson received the news that he would pinch-hit, he went to the clubhouse batting-cage to warm-up. Suffering through such terrible pain in his knee, it is said he was wincing and nearly collapsing after every practice swing.

• Surprising everyone, Gibson hobbled up to the plate with Scully commenting, "Look who’s coming up!" He was facing future Hall-of-Famer Dennis Eckersley, the best relief pitcher in baseball at the time. Gibson quickly got behind in the count, 0-2, but received a few outside pitches from Eckersley to work to a 3-2 count.

• On the sixth pitch of his at bat, a ball, Davis stole second. The A’s could have walked Gibson to face Steve Sax, but chose to pitch to him.

• With an awkward, almost casual swing, Gibson used pure upper-body strength to smack a 3-2 backdoor slider over the right-field fence. He hobbled around the bases and pumped his fist as his jubilant teammates stormed the field. (Wikipedia)

• The things we have covered, knowing where you are going, racing with a partner, and running with perseverance do not mean much if we are not intent of Racing to Win.

• This morning I want to take a little time to look at how we can Race to Win.

• We will be in 1 Corinthians 9:24-27 this morning as we look at Racing to Win!

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In order to win the race you must have:


• One of the things that will determine how we compete in the race of faith or in any game is our attitude.

• What would happen to a team if they went into a game THINKING we did not have a chance to win? What would happen if you went up to bat thinking you had NO chance of getting a hit?

• You would be setting yourself up to fail wouldn’t you?

• Listen to what verse 24 says again. (READ) (RUN IN SUCH A WAY)

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