Summary: This sermon will help those that feel like the devil is out to steal, kill and destory you.

If you remember in the first lesson David told us how to defeat our giants.

Do you remember how to...

- face them head on

- get to the head of the problem

- be brave no matter what the circumstances or

situation looks like

- Not be scared

- Keep your focus on Jesus, rather than your giants

- Talk up Jesus more than your problems

David defeated Goliath, and he helped us know how to defeat the Goliaths in our lives.

David told us in order to defeat our Giants we have to go to them in Jesus name and cut their head off through the power of God.

Then we found out that David showed us how to defeat the Giant of Exclusion. How to go on when our phone does not ring! David told us that God could find us no matter where we were. He knows our phone numbers and he know just how to find us right where we are.

- does not matter if we are in a low position or

entry level position God will find us

- does not matter if we are stanking, funky, fit for

nothing God can find us

- does not matter if we are clubbing now, drinking

now, and smoking now, or being just plain lazy now

that God can find us. (Why)

- God looks at the heart; he looks not at what we are

now, but what we will be later

- We look at ourselves as energy at rest (potential),

but God looks at us as the energy in motion


- The world may see a whore, but God sees the Holy

Ghost in us

- The world may see a sinner, but God sees a saint

- The world sees and drinker, but God sees a dancer

- The world may see liar, but God sees the light that

shines down on the inside of us.

So David said do not worry if it seems as though we are being Excluded because God has not forgotten about us!

Do not worry if the phone does not ring, because God knows our number.

As we pick up on our poster boy hero we find that David now has to deal with another situation, David has to deal with yet another Giant, a RAGGING SAUL! (Somebody say a Ragging Saul)

1 Samuel 19; 1,9,10

David has to deal with a king that is trying to kill him. Anybody got any Saul’s in their life? Somebody trying to kill you? Kill your spirit, your ministry, your soul? your joy?

David had to deal with a king that was trying to take him out and not just one time either.

David has to deal with a king that tried to kill him numerous times

He had to deal with a person that was trying to kill him everytime he turned around.

(I wish you all would have gotten on board early in the lesson.)

- 1st attempt, he tried to kill him by appealing to his manhood. (Yeah, you do know that the devil will try to attack you at your weakest point) Right off the bat the Devil hit him hard!

He invites David to marry his oldest, Merab, but when the time came she was already given away.

Ironically Michal (Michelle) loved David and wanted David. So Saul was cool with that and said David could can have her but you have to kill 100 philistines’ and bring me their foreskins.

(This in itself was a unreasonable request because normally you would have to pay a monetary price but Saul’s intention was for David to fall in battle and be slain in the process)

Nevertheless David said no problem! So the next battle that comes up David not only brings him what he asked for but he doubles the amount!

Chpt 18 vs. 27 He killed 200 philistines Saul thought for sure he would die in battle, but David lived. But Saul was trying to kill him. (Do not overlook this attempt by Saul)

- But notice how he tries to attack him. It was at a man’s weakest point through a woman! (Witness)

*I wish someone knew that Satan can attack a

man through a woman

- The devil used the woman to get Adam, Sampson, Solomon, Lot, even Bill Clinton & guess what? He is

still using the same tricks today.

* look at the divorce rate

* look at how he attacks the man of God

through women all the time at church

* Either he tries to manipulate men with a

woman, or he uses a woman to manipulate men

* But in David’s case as we will find out

shortly that he had a GOOD wife! (Say Good

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