Summary: Week 2 of 40 Days of Community adapted from Purpose Driven Ministries

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Reaching Out Together

Welcome to our 2nd week of 40 Days of Community! During the next 40 days, we are doing two things: deepening the sense of community within our church family, reaching out to the community around our church family. We’re learning to build stronger relationships in our church and reach out in relationships of love to those around our church. And the reason we’re doing this is because the Bible says we’re better together.

Last week, we looked at why we need each other, and that is foundational for everything we are looking at the next six weeks.

In each of the next six messages we’ll be looking at how to deepen our relationships so we can fulfill God’s purposes.

One of those purposes, one of the reasons why you exist – is to share God’s love with others. God wants you to share His love with other people, with your friends, with your family, with the people you work with, and to show his love to those who don’t know Christ yet – who are not yet in His family.

Now why does He want us to do that?

God wants us to share with others the Good News that Jesus died for them and that by trusting in Jesus alone, they can have a relationship with God.

Now, why do we need other people to share this Good News?

Can’t I do this by myself? Why do I need others to help me share the Good News? That’s what we’re going to look at this morning. God wants you to share His Good News, yes. But He wants you to do it with other people.

Look at Philippians 1:27. It’s there at the top of your outline.

Let’s read it aloud together...

“You are standing together, side by side, with one strong purpose to tell the good news.”

Now circle ‘standing together’ and circle ‘to tell the good news.’ That’s what we’re looking at today. How do we do it together?

How do I share with my friends that God loves them? And how do I do it in a partnership with other people?

Look at Philippians 1:5

Paul says this: “You’ve been my partners in spreading the good news about Christ.”

Circle that word ‘partners.’

We’re going to look at 7 ways to partner with other believers, with other people in the family of God, to help reach your friends, your relatives, the people you care about most with the Good News. And we are going to look at it in an acrostic. We will be spelling the word ‘PARTNER’ so that we will know how to partner together to share God’s love with others.

So, how do we partner together to share the Good News?

Here’s how we do it: We ‘PARTNER’ together.

‘P’ stands for PRAY TOGETHER

And the first thing you do is you ask others to pray with you for those in your life who haven’t stepped across the line, who are still considering the claims of Christ, who don’t really know God in a personal way yet. You ask others to pray together with you.

You can’t force anybody to make that decision.

But you can pray for them.

And prayer can melt a hard heart.

Prayer can warm up a cold heart.

Prayer can activate and arouse an apathetic heart.

Prayer can change a stubborn heart.

You see, people can reject your arguments. You can provide all the right logic and arguments as to why someone should trust in Jesus and follow Him, but people can still reject Him.

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