Summary: The priests, captain of the Temple guard, and Sadducees were disturbed. Read further to know the reasons.

Acts 4: 01-22 Reactions of the Priests

4: 01-04 Greatly Disturbed

4: 05-12 Great Question

4: 13-17 Greatly Astonished

4: 18-22 Great Commission or Commission

Acts 4:01-04 Greatly Disturbed

The priests, captain of the Temple guard, Sadducees were disturbed to a great extent because the apostles were teaching the people and proclaiming in Jesus the resurrection of the dead. The Sadducees were raged, angered, and not able to stand with the Truth of resurrection. So they were taking the short route through the power which they were holding on that day. They joined together with guards and priests to threaten the ministry. They used the Darkness as their power to arrest them and extort them. There is a possibility of getting irritated because you were not able to understand and accept reality. This section ends with the statement that about Five thousand believers had entered and added into the Church. The reason behind the addition of believers has to be debated, based on Miracle or Preaching or Preaching with Miracle.

4: 05-12 Great Question

By what power and in what name did you do this? This question has two notable words: Power and Name. This question connects to their political, hierarchical structure. The new teaching, a new system has allowed based on a new leader, and every change was done in the name of a new ruler or leader. Now the question has put forth by Rulers, Elders, Teachers of Law in Jerusalem. Annas the high priest, Caiaphas, John, Alexander, and the other men of the High Priest’ family. This question reflects their fear of losing their grip, influence in the society. Peter and John joined together to reply to them. They boldly declared the new age power, a new system emerging out through the leader who was despised, rejected, thrown out. There was an act of courage while they answered their query. Peter told the rulers and elders that the name is the name above every name and power over every power. Yet, this power was not the political power or religious power but spiritual power.

4: 13-14 Greatly Astonished

Rulers and elders, or the inquiry officers were astonished on their response, the coolness and courage they had at this juncture. More forceful, impressive talks, and boldness of the Apostles had witnessed by the rulers and the elders. A surprise has brought to them by these uneducated and unschooled Peter and John. The word unschooled does not mean that they were unlearned, but they did not have theologically training like the elders of the Temple and the lawyers. They were professionally fishers, and nothing to do with theological interpretations, and not qualified to teach on temple courts. Their astonishment leads them to plot against the Apostles.

4: 15-22 Great Commission or Commission

The rulers and the elders, and the members of the Sanhedrin decided to destroy the work of God. They decided to strengthen their faulty system. They indulged in vandalizing the Apostles and threatened them to put off all work that they were doing in the name of Jesus and with the power of God. A command from Government has come to the Apostles against the Command of God. A commission has published against the great commission of God. A strong objection and resistance have come from the rulers of the Temple. But, read the response of the Apostles in Acts 4:19-20.


What disturbs you while others preaching and teaching, and why?

How we react when certain things are done better than what we can do?

Commissions of the Governments and Great Commission.

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