Summary: This is based on the book by Robert J Morgan on what to do when you are in trouble. It is a fun--but critical--sermon and was delivered to families at a children’s ministry function

[This sermon outline is from Robert J. Morgan. I got wind of it from my retired (from ministry) mentor and friend, Doug Kostowski, who served as senior minister in Miami along with his good friend Max Lucado. I have never read Mr. Morgan’s book, but I am aware that it exists. I read a review on it. I think it is a great sermon idea, and i tried to flesh out the outline with my own thoughts and illustrations (although I think there is a sprinkling of Morgan’s thinking on one or two points, beyond the outline) for a gathering of "Kids for Christ" and their parents, at our church. I made little bookmarks with the read sea rules listed on them. It was very well received. I don’t know if this will pass muster for sermoncentral, but if it does, all credit goes to Mr. Morgan and I hope you try your own hand at this. It was a fun little sermon.]

Pass out the Bookmarks

Kid’s For Christ has been studying Moses and lessons of faith the last 8 weeks. They have had a beach theme—umm, not sure why—I think just because it sounded fun!! No, I think it goes along with the sand of the desert and the Red Sea that was a major factor in the Exodus out of Egypt

Israel was being led out of Egypt, and came to a point where they were trapped between the Red Sea on one side, and the approaching terrifying Egyptian Army on the other side.

A moment of Panic and a test of faith in the God who had brought them to this point.

What should they do? What should WE do when we find ourselves in a tough spot or time of testing?

And so, we are going to look at what Robert J. Morgan called the RED SEA RULES!

Red Sea Rule #1

Realize that God means for you to be where you are.

He has either brought you to this point, or allowed you to be in this circumstance

The unmistakable implication of Exodus 14:1-2 is that the Lord took responsibility for leading them into peril. He gave them specific, step-by-step instructions, leading them down a route to apparent ruin: Turn and camp. Camp there. There, before the entrapping sea. Yes, right there in that impossible place.

The Lord occasionally does the same with us, testing our faith, leading us into hardship, teaching us wisdom, showing us His ways. Our first reaction may be a surge of panic and a sense of alarm, but we must learn to consult the Scriptures for guidance.

Money problems? Job issues? Friends or Family against you?

The same God who led you in will lead you out.

Red Sea Rule #2

Be more concerned for God’s glory than for your relief.

And I will harden Pharaoh’s heart, and he will pursue them, and I will get glory over Pharaoh and all his host

• Israelites were focused on their impending hardship: they wanted relief!!

They weren’t spiritually patient enough to see how God would not only pull them through, but gain glory for himself in the process. (against poly god Egypt)

• They looked for their relief often: when they were thirst, hungry, tired, instead of giving God glory

In hard times, pray that God will be glorified. He cares about you, AND as your Father will hear your suffering (think of Israel’s cries in slavery he is now acting on) but don’t forget that in the end, life is about God and his glory, rather than our temporal relief

Red Sea Rule #3

Acknowledge your enemy, but keep your eyes on the Lord.

They could see the Egyptians bearing down—and they cried out in fear.

Junior Asparagus teaches us that “God is BIGGER than the boogie man”

Maya keeps her eye on her cut more than her daddy! (she frieks out when she gets a boo boo, and even daddy can’t keep her focused when we are examining it.)

It is difficult to do so, but when in trouble, keeping our eyes on the Lord is the best thing we can do

Red Sea Rule #4


Moses was always praying to the Lord, and the Lord listened to him. We don’t get the same kind of image of the rest of the people: they were always complaining.

God listens to our prayers: are u sad—scared—angry—confused—happy? Let God know.

When you need something at home, like a drink or a pillow to sleep on, or new bedsheets: what do you do? If you are young, you ask mom and dad! And they help you!

God never thinks you are too big to ask him for things. Or tell him things. He listens to you!

Red Sea Rule #5

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